004b. Breakfast (Bonus Stream)

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Braum and Sophia plan their next moves over breakfast.

"English cream? … It's also known as French cream."

After rescuing Kaylie from the two suits in the lobby, Sophia has a bath and a glass of wine to unwind. Talus is very suspicious of Kaylie, now transformed into a dark grey wolf, sleeping out in the garden, and promises to protect Sophia in case she loses control. The sidhe gently tells Talus that she chooses to believe that people are inherently good. She also asks Talus his opinion on hosting a Pennons celebration, given that it is coming up in two weeks' time. The satyr is delighted, starting the necessary paperwork immediately, and saying that Zistor was never one for celebrations. Sophia hopes that Pennons will be the first of many celebrations hosted at The Spark, bringing more of the Kithain together to celebrate their traditions and life.

The next morning, Braum, Sophia, Talus, and Kyoko are all served breakfast in The Exhaust: Claude has prepared pancakes, bacon, and English cream (custard). Braum, knowing that his wounds will take time to heal even in the freehold, asks Kyoko if she wouldn't mind looking into the assailants' car on his behalf. Kyoko teases him mercilessly, asking if she must do everything he tells her, and if he likes ordering her around. Braum is flustered, but does his best to stay focused, asking also if Kyoko has seen Claude, in order to have his bandage changed. The pooka heads to the bedrooms and, after hearing a loud airhorn blast, heads out on her errand, leaving a mysterious "gift" with Braum. The troll is unsure what it could be until Claude comes in, berating him for waking him up with an airhorn. Opening the box, Braum realizes the trick Kyoko played on them both, and makes things even by blasting himself with the horn as well.

Talus approaches the Lady Sophia with pages of forms for the Pennons celebration: requests for supplies and additional security, among other invitations. Sophia is reassured that the Duke Granville will be doing very thorough checks on all of those hired to work at the Spark during the celebration. Braum, hearing of the plan for the first time, is excited to have a chance to prove his skill in combat to the other Kithain of the Duchy.

Sophia heads out to the garden to offer food and tea to Kaylie, a.k.a. Quiet-on-the-Hunt, and keeps her outside when she spies Incisor entering The Exhaust. The redcap is munching on one of Kyoko's peripherals as punishment for the airhorn prank, and casually insults the High King David to Braum when the troll asks about going out after the assailants. Braum, furious, smashes his breakfast plate and picks a fight with Incisor: even injured, he snarls, he will not stand for anyone disrespecting the High King. Incisor withdraws, but calls Braum out for believing himself to be above everyone else, asking him if the respect he demands shouldn't go both ways.

Out in the garden, Sophia tries to get to know Kaylie, while the Black Fury does the same. Sophia admits that she is embarrassed by the other residents of The Spark, as they are disrespectful. Kaylie asks whether Sophia is "the alpha": when she acknowledges it, Kaylie suggests that "maybe the others are just trying to be happy and don't know that following you will make them so". Sophia isn't so sure she wants to know what would make the others happy, but takes to heart the idea of "leading the pack" at The Spark.

Braum has descended to the workshop, where he takes out his rage on a dummy. Spending some time feeding and playing with Little One, Braum asks the baby dragon why he can't just command respect from the others, or at least have them understand what matters to him. In that moment, he discovers that Little One seems to be growing ice crystals at the back of her mouth, providing a clue as to her parentage.

Back up in The Exhaust, Kaylie tells Sophia that she will be leaving soon, but will need to return for the "holder of the Pattern Spider" when it's repaired, and that it can "weave webs" across different networks, including the Internet. Sophia tells her to come back any time, and invites her to Pennons: "we can fight, even in times of peace." Braum arrives in the lounge as well, asking Sophia for guidance on what to pursue next: the mysterious assailants, the parentage of Little One, or Fala and her motley. He suggests that he, Sophia, and Patches go to request support from the Duke Granville. When Kaylie hopes that they will "make the right decisions in war", Braum suffers another flashback, hearing the jumble of voices from his past.

Out in the garden, Sophia tells Braum what Kyoko had told her: that Zistor was apparently responsible for getting him his job. Braum is confused, knowing that he only met Zistor once, but vows to get to the bottom of it; Sophia pledges to help as well. The sidhe, getting back to her Pennons planning, asks Kyoko where she could get a dress of faux chainmail made: the pooka takes her measurements while describing a dress like armour that reflects the sun "from sunrise to sunset". Kyoko prods Sophia into opening up about the other members of the freehold and her need for beauty in the world. While she evades Sophia's question about having a crush on Braum, she does ask the troll later if maybe he is "the hope" to Sophia's beauty….

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