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Sophia makes plans for their Pennons celebrations.

"If you spend your entire life trying to inspire people, do they inspire you in return?"

Sophia returns to The Spark for her fitting with Kyoko, and is shown a beautifully shimmering dress, with a chainmail-like appearance but silken weight.

Kyoko says that Zistor has managed to assemble "the most exceptional idiots", that "they can create wonders."

It turns out that Kyoko has never made a costume for another person.

Sophia is told to repeatedly ask Kyoko if she is going to the party. After a series of sarcastic answers, Kyoko turns the question on Sophia and asks a few more. The two connect a little before Sophia leaves.

Claude is behind the bar, cleaning up a series of matches from the countertop, then proceeds to use a handheld torch to light a series of shots, passing one to Sophia and drinking four himself. They discuss the denizens of The Spark and their likelihood to attend the party before Sophia goes off to find Talus.

He is found mid-calculations, and announced that arrangements appear to be in order. They talk about the party's plans, and he recounts a story of the only other party that had been held at The Spark. It was a product reveal of Zistor's, which would 'change everything'. It didn't work, and Talus suspects sabotage, despite Zistor's shrugging it off.

Sophia invites Talus to perform a duet with her, if he will have time. He accepts, but not before reminding her of the consequences of an audience hearing a Satyr's song.

He then asks about her opinion of Patches, saying that it's important that she is here, admitting that he had suggested only her as the stand-in for Zistor in interest of avoiding politics.

They agree to meet and practice over the coming days at Sophia's apartment upstairs.

The next day, Sophia finds boxed shoes left outside her apartment, to match the dress.

Later on she goes to visit Pierre-Luc, meeting him on his way home. They catch up on how they have been over the past few weeks, and arrive at his place to find the studio cleaned. The sculpted hand is now hung between a series of chimes, which when the wind blows, make an ethereal noise.

She asks if he is happy with it, to which he responds "Finally." However, Sophia finds little inspiration from it (though she conceals this). Pierre-Luc says he will make more, and prepares himself for her to say goodbye. Instead, she says that she is happy for him, and that perhaps they will meet again someday. She touches his cheek before she leaves.