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We follow Patches' end to Pennons.

"We can not talk about politics any time you want."

Patches parts ways with the Duke and seeks out Cog, whom she congratulates for his participation in the events. They speak a little about the day's events, and she lets him know that he is welcome any time, before sending him off to the dessert table.

The Pennons are awarded, and the celebrations continue. Uncomfortable with the large crowds, she proceeds to check in on Claude, the security of the Spark, before starting to fold chairs at one of the distant arenas.

There she is greeted by one of Duke Granville's squires, who was sent to request a meeting place to cover any remaining business before the Duke leaves the party. Patches suggests the office and heads inside.

She sees Incisor removing the troublesome Clurichaun from earlier, congratulates her for a job well done, and heads back into the offices where the Duke is already waiting. Quickly understanding what business the two of them have to attend to, she invites him to view their balefire and talks about Zistor's workshop as they cross through the crowd to head downstairs. After a rendition of "Jesse's Mom" from the elevator, the doors open to reveal Little One having somehow escaped the dungeon.

Caught off-guard, Patches tells the Duke most of the truth - that the dragon was present when they were given control of the freehold, and that only the denizens of The Spark know about her. He tells her that he expects to see the freeholders at Heart's Light in the near future, and to not tell anyone from Quebec city. Disappointed at the mood-killer, Patches accepts his orders.

However, the Duke then guides their conversation back to their initial reasons for coming downstairs, and after a brief conversation about military service and an exchange of compliments for their work in shooting the dragon the week prior, they lock the door to one of the bedrooms…

A while later, Patches asks if he plans to remain as their guest for the evening, and if she should inform his entourage. He tells her that they already know, and Patches makes the decision to stay as well. The Duke remarks how nice it is that Patches understands the military aspect of his life. She asks if he would like to go back to it, but he says his responsibilities prevent him from doing so - that the last time he considered it Eloise began to interfere. As Patches begins to respond, he asks to not talk about politics for a while. She tells him they can not talk about politics any time he wants. Deflecting the implications of her statement, she pretends she meant hanging out socially. However, the two of them know what was meant and, disregarding any future plans they may or may not have together, it isn't long before they return to each other's embrace…