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The motley gets some advice on their next move and indulges in Samhain.

"Do you ever turn your defeats into victories, or just wallow in them?"

After checking Padraic for hidden weapons, the motley decides to take him at his word, and walk him to a poké restaurant to talk further. He tells them that although Zistor may have committed a few crimes in the past, he truly does want to keep Little One and her family safe. It appears that certain types of dragons are being bred in captivity for nefarious purposes…. Zistor had invented something that was originally powered by chimera, and Little One's mother was sold to him for that purpose, although he has since started searching for alternate fuel sources so that he can protect the dragons.

Before leaving, Padraic also warns them about those who might want to wish them harm because of their association with Zistor, but that they have a friend in the Duchess Eloyse. "I swear on my sight that everything I've said is true."

Patches visits the Duke Granville, who confirms her suspicions about Eloyse's alternate signature being suspect. They also have a brief awkward moment together as they try to define their relationship, given the events of Pennons. The nocker, on her way out, stops by the west-wing bedroom where Markus told her to plant the spider, discovering that it is in fact only an empty guest room. Patches can't quite figure out who the spider was intended for….

Braum briefly speaks with Sir Xaeron at Heart's Light as well, asking if he would at least sign his petition to the Duchess Eloyse, and maybe even accompany them. The knight readily agrees, and Braum tentatively inquires about Fala. Does he know of an eshu by that name who may have been part of their shared past? Sir Xaeron assures Braum that he doesn't know anyone of that name, but that there are many who may know Braum because of his fame. At the same Sophia calls Eloyse's freehold to arrange a meeting with the Duchess, but only manages to get a date in four weeks' time.

Three weeks later, The Spark is playing host to a Samhain party. Much more intimate than their Pennons party, the Spark denizens, costumed in Halloween style, are joined by Padraic and Marnie. Speaking to the selkie, Braum is surprised by a flashback of a woman's voice and rushing water. He excuses himself from the proceedings, and Sophia joins him, concerned. Sophia tells him that she has learned more of oneiromancy, and though she is terrified of the troll in his mind, she wants to help him. Incisor appears at that moment, and demands to know why Sophia doesn't want to just try something that night, given that Samhain usually wipes Changelings' memories of all their deeds. When the sidhe asks Incisor to respect her timing and storms off, the redcap tells Braum that while she is happy that Sophia is trying to "fix" him, she respects Braum at the end of the day.

Returning to the party and wanting to indulge her Unseelie side, Sophia proposes that the group go and prank Sir Kenwyn at his hotel room. Patches is quick to sign up, as are Padraic, Marnie, and Talus. Braum is left alone with Kyoko, which triggers another flashback: a woman invites him to join her in a shower. "No one knows this side of me… no one sees this but you." Braum, confused and shaken up, tries to put the mysterious woman out of his mind by inviting Kyoko out to look out over the city from the mountain.

As the Mists take hold on Samhain, the motley's actions disappear, but we do know where they wake up:

  • One in a hotel room, surrounded by manila envelopes
  • Another in Kyoko's bed, next to three mugs of cold tea
  • The last on the Silver Path

All of them, alone.

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