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Braum & Kyoko help Lauren through her Chrysalis; Sophia & Kaylie trade blows and outfits.

Over breakfast in The Spark, Sophia discovers Incisor reading a book and generally acting sullen. When asked about her mood, Incisor complains about the previous night… nothing of note happened at all! Sophia tries to re-orient Incisor's perspective of herself by telling her that Kaylie seems to think a lot of her, but the redcap just rolls her eyes at the idea that Kaylie might be a "great warrior". Sophia changes tacks, thanking Incisor for everything she did in the aftermath of Samhain… and apologizes for her actions at Pennons. Incisor is adamant about how the night would have gone, but is evasive when asked by Sophia why she made the decision she did. "There's things you don't know about me…" When pressed, she explains to Sophia that other redcaps hate being reminded of her dedication to Seelie values, and she didn't want to subject Sophia to her reputation.

In St. John's, Braum and Kyoko finish up their first kiss on a clifftop overlooking the bay where Lauren is jumping in and out of the waves, discovering her new Selkie identity. When Kyoko shakily asks Braum whether he meant to kiss her, he confirms it, but rather than continue, she darts up, saying that they need to take care of Lauren… but not before admitting that the kiss is something she wanted for a long time. The two take Lauren to a nearby Tim Hortons' to try to communicate some of her new responsibilities and realities as a member of the Kithain, including her new "double life", and the importance of keeping her coat safe.

Sophia seeks out Kaylie that same morning, tentatively asking her about the combat training she suggested. Kaylie asks why Sophia prefers to use her "magic" at the expense of her own safety, to which Sophia replies that she believes everyone should focus on the skill in which they excel. Kaylie then reaches out, using her "gift" to cause Sophia to drop to the floor instantly. Sophia is ashamed, and draws on Primal to infuse herself with the power of air, becoming invisible and floating up into the air. She conjures up nettles beneath the werewolf's paws to force her to retreat onto the bed. But Kaylie waits patiently until Sophia re-materializes before pointing at her, ordering her down. She is surprised to discover that sidhe are unaffected by this gift, and grudgingly admits that Sophia's magic is indeed useful. She agrees to help Sophia learn to better defend herself… if the Changeling will take her shopping.

Back in St. John's, Braum and Kyoko take Lauren to the only freehold they know of, a hearth freehold just outside a mortal lighthouse. They are greeted by a very friendly, if socially awkward, troll called Kyle, who welcomes them to Sight of the East. As the changelings get to know each other in the large rustic room with fishing paraphernalia, they are interrupted by a bustling boggan with the air of an art teacher. She introduces herself as Velma Leeks, and agrees to keep Lauren there for a time, teaching her about her new identity. She also cautions Braum to remember that Lauren, while she did inherit Kay's coat, is not the same Selkie… but still promises to bring her to Montreal "when she's ready".

Sophia takes Kaylie to Montreal's underground shopping complex, the Eaton Centre, to find some new clothes. Despite Sophia's initial concerns about the Garou's knowledge of etiquette, the two have a good time, and Sophia learns that Kaylie's past is more complicated than she anticipated: she has many scars, and cubs! The two talk about parenting, and their individual strengths.

Back in St. John's, Kyoko and Braum spend the afternoon in a cafe, taking in the sights of the town. When Braum apologizes for stepping away in order to help someone else with a trivial task, Kyoko just smiles, telling him that his need to help others is what made her want to start doing the same. Suggesting they see "how that second kiss compares to the first", they venture back to their hotel, and spend the night together….