Everyone meets up, more trouble finds them, and the Solars make a move.

Rey and Ember rush over to Rey’s home, where they get her father and collect some of her belongings. Ember offers to take them back to where he was staying… which turns out to be in Blue Sky. Val, standing guard, sees them coming as they enter the neighbourhood, and she wakes Jorek (who had been having a pleasant dream). Ember had told Rey to dress the part for the neighbourhood, prompting her to wrap herself in a length of red silk she had taken with her. He bribed their way into Blue Sky, and seeing Val and Jorek, Rey tries to get their attention. Ember starts to inquire as to how she knows Jorek, and if the two of them could maybe stay at his apartment (having met Jorek the night before). Rey hesitates, not wanting to get her friends involved.

At that instant, Jorek spots Starlight Dove across the street, drawing her bow and notching an arrow, aimed at Ember. Thinking quickly, he pretended the apple he was eating was rotten and tossed it “across the street” in her direction, in a somewhat misguided attempt to distract her, and she ducks out of sight. Meanwhile, Rey had also spotted Starlight Dove and tried to hurry Ember into the hotel. During all of this, Summer Blaze wakes up, and in order to keep her quiet, Jorek reiterates his promise to free her once they’ve traveled outside of town.

Ember and Rey (and her father) arrive at the penthouse, Ember demanding information from the three, seeing his sister in their custody. Ember was assured he was in no danger from the Solars, and Jorek flares his caste mark, giving some details as to what happened to Summer Blaze. Ember’s calm demeanor, puzzling for a member of the Wyld Hunt dedicated to the destruction of the Anathema, implies that his allegiance isn’t as clear cut as the three originally thought.

Kanna of the Golden Tigers shows up at their door, laying claim to Rey. Valeria steps in and tells him off and, after a moment’s hesitation and some name-calling, he takes off with his cronies.

Deciding it was high time they got out of Nexus and follow Jorek’s intuition, the group acquires a horse-drawn cart and travel to the eastern edge of Nexus. Once outside of the city on the banks of the river, Jorek takes out the three orichalcum items and lays them on the bench next to him. Summer Blaze snatches at the dagger, flinging it into the river before Valeria can stop her. Rey dives in after it as Summer Blaze goes for the bowl: Jorek gets to it first, and Summer Blaze takes advantage of the opening to draw her daiklaves. Rey spies a large metal door on the riverbed which she can’t open, and so surfaces with the dagger. Now in a stand-off with Valeria and Jorek, Summer Blaze is offered the chance to leave if she wants to. Ember speaks out, causing her to hesitate for a moment…

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