026a. Waiting for Togot (Bonus Stream)

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Sophia makes her preparations for the assault on Abford Pharma.

Sophia enlists Incisor to help her with her preparation for the attack on Abford Pharma: using James Togot as a pseudo-"inside man". Stepping into his dreams, Sophia and Incisor conjure up a terrifying monster that confronts James. Running away from the beast, Sophia uses smoky tendrils to beckon him towards Abford's venting controls, suggesting that by reversing the direction of the airflow, he can save the world from the monster. She also gives him a suit of armour made from some of his favourite rocks, just for kicks.

After creating the dreamscape for James and (hopefully) implanting the importance of reversing the vent controls in his mind, Sophia and Incisor take a moment together. Incisor wants to know whether Sophia has any intention of sleeping with, or becoming romantically involved with, Kyoko, given their "history" together. As Sophia tries to gently explain that their one night together was only the culmination of a moment, rather than the beginning of a relationship, she senses that Incisor might be trying to say more than she is: the redcap is frightened of her! Warning Sophia that Kyoko is "not like me" in that she has "lots of love to give", Incisor stalks off.

Heading down to the workshop, Sophia finds Zistor, working away. Sophia confronts him about his impulsive decision to ban Patches from The Spark, suggesting that maybe his prickly demeanor may be at least partly to blame. The nocker fully admits that he didn't intend to ban Patches permanently, but that "she has to learn some respect". Zistor also tells Sophia about the rocket's original purpose: by being able to gather up Glamour, he hoped to one day be free of having to rely on mortals for Glamour at all; he even hoped to gather enough to return to Arcardia one day!

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