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The motley learns more about the shadowy world of Kithain politics.

"Seeing how eagerly we could get players around a tiny desk… gave me a new appreciation for what games can do."

As the motley evaluates what poses the greatest threat to them, the requested physician arrives to treat Braum: Doctor Sayley, a sluagh sporting lace-like gloves and a fascination with pain, asks him how his pain level is at the moment. Using a hammer and awl, she chips away at Braum's stone skin around the wound, and then uses a heavy gauge wire to suture it closed, much like the corset she is wearing. Sophia is impressed by the doctor's skill, asking if she could have a private meeting with her the following day.

Confirming their flight and safety with Kyoko and Zistor, Braum is ordered to rest for the day as Patches and Sophia take in a meal downstairs at the Oak & Dagger. Sophia seems ill at ease at the Sapphire Eye, noting that, unlike at The Spark, the Kithain seem more judgmental. Patches calls the divide between nobles and commoners a "f***in canyon", and Sophia surprises the nocker with a revelation: when Sophia Chrysalised, she was title-less; her previous incarnation gave up her nobility for some reason! Noting the handsome gentleman at the end of the bar who buys them a round of drinks, the two agree to return to the Sapphire Eye to sleep in the light of the balefire: Musing takes too long, and Sophia is offended by Ravaging.

Meanwhile, a small boggan, Brennan, serves tea to Braum in the "sick bay". The childling is very impressionable and chatty, overwhelmed by Braum's fame and heroism. After asking whether Braum knows Sophia well, the boggan pointedly tells him that Sophia's knighthood raised many questions when it was done by the Countess. Was it a simple flight of fancy on the part of the Countess that bestowed nobility on Sophia, or was it her "party girl" nature?

On their way back into the freehold, Patches receives a call from Talus. He seems distraught and unfocused, but insists to Patches that he isn't evil, and doesn't want to kill her; he merely wants to "fix things". Patches asks the Dauntain to give her a reason to trust him, and Talus tells her how he felt alongside Sophia, Braum, and herself, about how he doesn't want to hurt anymore. Because he felt listened to, he promises Patches that no harm will come to Cog, whom he is watching. Patches cautions Talus that stalking other Kithain is exactly the kind of action that doesn't help her trust him, and Talus hangs up. Sophia hopes that they can maybe save Talus from his curse; Patches hopes that, at the very least, they can save someone worth saving.

The next morning, Braum formally requests an audience with Count Spencer and his Countess. Reggie is, as usual, incredibly condescending to the motley, even after Braum tries to scare it out of him. Reggie sets up a meeting with the Count, but informs them that the Countess is off traveling… maybe at an EDM festival in Kelowna? As Sophia sets off to meet with Count Spencer, Braum takes Patches to Brennan for a tour of the freehold. The boggan excitedly tells them about the Sapphire Eye, including the fact that they employ a number of enchanted mortals.

The motley meets with Count Spencer in his office, and they decide to inform him of the assassination attempt on the Duchess Eloyse. Count Spencer is certainly shocked, but tells the motley of what he knows to be tensions among the Seelie houses. Being of House Liam and part of the Kingdom of Pacifica, the Sapphire Eye isn't too close to the issue, but he still explains how the High King David's recent behaviour has worried many in Concordia. Different Kithain have been put forward as possible "regents": Queen Mab of the Kingdom of Apples, King Meilge's stepdaughter Faerilyth, David's adopted daughter Lenore, his oathsister Morwyn… the list goes on. Count Spencer wants to help the motley, but cannot put Sophia in contact with a master Oneiromancer, as she requests. He does get into contact with his wife, assuring them that she will return the following day.

Sophia catches up with Doctor Sayley for her medical "training" session. Not content to work on dead chickens, Doctor Sayley insists on following Sophia back to The Spark, where they could set up a medical centre. "As if I care enough about this place to stick around," she whispers. Sophia starts talking to Patches about adding an addition on to the Spark as Braum sets off to see Reggie. The troll apologizes for his treatment of the steward, noting that it was unwarranted. Reggie is about as direct with Braum as he can be: while he considers the troll a hero, he considers Sophia completely undeserving of the title that she carries. Braum stalks back to Sophia and Patches, hoping that she will agree to a concert to prove her talents….