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The new Regent of Concordia calls for a tribunal.

"What happens when the players create the rules?"

Following the reading of High King David's order appointing Sophia as Regent of Concordia, a terrible silence descends on the room. Lord Skayne is incredulous that the High King would entrust such an important task to someone he didn't know; Seven is amused by the knowledge that the four possible Queens of Concordia don't know who the "Mab" is who "rides on her shoulder". Both Braum and Patches stay quiet, the former because of his impending trial for regicide, the latter so that she doesn't insult someone important.

Seven breaks the silence to inform the assembled group of Sophia's new status. The sidhe decides to take control of the situation and of her new power, ordering a short recess and lunch with Seven. The four possible Queens are taken aback by Sophia's tone, but move along all the same, waiting to see how the succession will proceed. Only Faerilyth remains behind, wondering what is so important that a trial must take precedence over the succession. Not wanting to be dishonest, Braum replies truthfully, stating that he will be on trial for the killing of King Meilge. Her sidhe temper flaring, and seething with rage at Braum, Faerilyth hisses: "Is it not enough that you take my husband, but now also, my protector?" She eventually stalks out of the room, but not before making it known that she will not be easily won over.

Sophia and Seven take a light lunch together, where the sidhe asks the sluagh frankly what is to be done. A "trial" for Braum could traditionally take many different forms, he tells her: a trial by combat, a quest into the Dreaming… or a more contemporary trial in a court of law. Unfortunately, seeing as the Regent of Concordia is currently in a motley with the accused, any judgement she passes will most likely be seen as biased, not to mention the distrust that would come with being a member of House Liam. Sophia comes up with a new plan, and begins to draw up a list.

Patches encounters a projection of the same representative of the Grand Bes Din in the hallway outside the High King's antechamber, offering to help her. Patches pretends to have no idea what's going on as the nocker continues to press her for information. She eventually disappears as Patches meets up with Claude and Kyoko. She asks them for an etiquette crash course so that she doesn't screw things up for Braum during the trial, and the other two are more than happy to oblige.

Meanwhile, Braum is alone in a guest room, contemplating his fate. No one knows what kind of "trial" Sophia will fashion for him, but he decides that having a second in case of combat would be a good idea, and requests that Kyoko stand alongside him. He is summoned back down to the antechamber, where his trial is about to commence.

Sophia explains the proceedings, surprising the assembled group: Queen Mab, Lenore, Morwyn, and Faerilyth together will be 4/5 of the jury, with the four of them unanimously choosing a fifth. They move to invite Seven, the only Kithain in the tower without a vested interest in the proceedings. Sophia then declares that the trial will determine Braum's guilt for a charge of treason, and also whether the same charge can be applied to King Meilge.

Faerilyth is naturally upset, but the jury are also wise enough to understand that Sophia is using the opportunity to test their ability to pass judgement on their fellow Kithain, which may determine a successor to the throne of Concordia. Braum is allowed to make an opening statement, and he describes the actions taken by the Masked Man, as well as his own in the past year. He believes that the Red Branch's mission is to bring justice to the world, and that it is not treasonous to protect the throne from a plot, or to act in self-defense. He replies as truthfully to questions as he can, stating that he would not have killed Meilge had it not been for the threat on his life, telling the assembled jury that he in fact offered to bring the King of Willows' suit to High King David directly. When asked about the mask, he tells them that he understood it to be the source of Meilge's power, and that it was holding sway over Lord MacAllistar. One of the jury asks Braum if he has ever regretted killing: after a long pause, the troll is forced to admit that he does have regrets.

Patches is questioned next, followed by Claude, Kyoko, and Lord MacAllistar. Each successive bears witness to Braum's integrity and character, and that his actions were performed with the safety of others in mind. Lord MacAllistar even tells the assembled jury that he was forced to duel Braum after the latter accused him of being Dauntain! With the testimonies drawing to a close, Sophia has but one more witness to summon, if she can arrive….