The fight takes place, but the team is met with something rather unexpected…

Valeria fought Starlight Dove and put up a decent struggle, but was defeated, prompting Rey to jump into the ring. However, she chose not to fight, though Starlight Dove scratched Rey’s hand, drawing blood. The crowd grew angry, and Starlight Dove left, followed shortly by the Magistrate. Rey and Val spoke to the crowd briefly, then left.

As Ember, Jorek, Rey, Summer Blaze, and Valeria all left, guards barricaded the doors to the fighting pits – they had started a fire inside.

Our gang ran back in to help people out – Val staying by the door to lead people with her voice through the smoke, and Jorek circling around to the other side.

Ember ran in to contain the fire, Rey helped people out, and Jorek encountered a wealthy gentleman who showed him the back way into the office. There he encountered Rey who had just burst in from within the warehouse, and they continued to help people out of the building.

The roof started creaking, and a chunk fell on Ember’s back. Rey began expending motes of essence to assure that she could help people escape the inferno, as did Val to make herself heard despite her serious injuries.

Rey’s anima flared just as the building started to completely collapse, and she and Ember escaped along with the last few audience members.

Val’s caste mark was glowing as she turned to those who had escaped, and offered them medical attention. She told them that what they saw on her forehead was not a remnant of the fire’s glow in their eyes.

Meanwhile, Summer Blaze and Jorek ushered Rey (carrying Ember) into the cart – Summer Blaze stopping to bring Val a horse when she saw that Val wasn’t leaving – and headed out of Nexus.

Once Val had attended to the people outside of the collapsed building, she too left Nexus – the people indicated a circle with their hands; her caste mark – and she responded by telling them that the Solars were not evil, that she and others helped save people tonight, and that she would return to this place to heal others when she was able.

Back at the Manse, Rey found Starlight Dove standing beside her father. Rey set about making a bed suitably sized for Ember, then set him down on it. By about that time, the rest had rejoined her, including Valeria.

After a brief (somewhat hostile) discussion, Starlight Dove left… Val went to find medicine to tend to her and Ember’s wounds, but found a new spear in the Armory (Starlight Dove had broken Val's after their fight), with a letter next to it.

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