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The motley stands with Sophia as she makes a world-changing decision.

"Kingmakers: you can't win, but you can make the decision to help others win"

Braum awakens in the basement of The Spark, unenchanted and being guarded by a young woman (Incisor). He questions her, wanting to know why he is being kept in a basement and why he doesn't remember what happened to him. Incisor, along with Sophia and Patches, explain to him that he was a victim of a "natural disaster" until they manage to get him to consume some Glamour, re-enchanting him. The Mists roll over the troll, but he remembers most of the events of the day… including the loss of Kyoko. He rushes over to one of the other beds in the room, where the pooka is lying, still unenchanted and unconscious. Sophia notices that her form is breathing regularly, but not much else. She divines the pooka doesn't seem to have a mortal form at all… Patches facepalms. The Duchess Eloyse must have created an effigy of Kyoko and stolen away with the real one!

The motley is on a mission: despite the Spark only having recently beaten back an assault, they must find Kyoko before it's too late! The three seek out Countess Weyer, asking her to help them locate her. The eccentric Countess manages to scry successfully, determining that Kyoko is still alive, and in Quebec City, just outside of the Chateau Frontenac. The motley is all for heading out immediately, but Weyer stops them: while they may rescue their Kyoko, there are "thousands of other Kyokos out there", all seeking leadership and guidance. Sophia is determined, knowing that choosing the heir to Concordia is a task not to be taken lightly.

Braum, Ramzia, and Weyer join Sophia in her penthouse with Queen Mab, Faerilyth, Morwyn, and Lenore. They are all on edge, knowing that Sophia's choice will change their destinies forever… except for the young Lenore, who is seemingly preoccupied with making phone calls. When asked about them, she apologizes to Sophia, telling her only that many people in Concordia were displaced and injured by the rebellion, and that she is organizing relief for them.

Sophia explains that the process will be simple: if chosen as the Queen of Concordia, what would you do next? Morwyn, High King David's advisor, tells Sophia that she would be firm, bringing those responsible for the rebellion to justice. Queen Mab also wants to dispense justice, but she would take a more measured approach, hoping to unite the Kithain of Concordia. Faerilyth, for her part, burns with a desire to distance herself from her father, King Meilge, and be a continuation of High King David's vision for the Kingdom. When Sophia asks Lenore what she would do, the young Dougal can only shrug. She does not have a way with words, she tells Sophia, but rest assured that she would do what is required; a Dougal, after all, believes in words over actions.

Sophia has made up her mind. "I believe any of you would be an admirable ruler of Concordia," she begins, "You've all said or shown reasons why you would do a good job. But I have decided to select you, Lenore." The Dougal is surprised, as is everyone else in the room. Braum presents her with Caliburn, and the new Queen of Concordia promises to use Caliburn as a tool to fix what is broken. The other three sidhe are varying degrees of furious, but all bend the knee, and hail their new Queen.

Meanwhile, Patches checks in on Zistor, who is a bit maudlin with the idea that his "klart no longer smells the nicest around here". Zistor is dedicated to the idea of preparing Patches to be the true "Steward of the Spark" at some point, but not quite yet. Patches apologizes to the nocker, "for Talus"; the grump understands that it needed to be done, but he'll need "one more favour — I lied, probably another 700." Zistor asks with all sincerity that if it comes down to it, Patches make sure that he make the right decision when it comes to Talus, and she does. The nocker leaves to take a call from the Baroness Akanthea, Chatelaine of the Chateau Frontenac. She thanks the Baroness for calling her back, asking with uncharacteristic politeness that they be allowed to come and "collect" their friend Kyoko. The Baroness seems surprised to learn about this, but agrees to look for her, until she is suddenly cut off. As her body hits the ground, another voice comes on the line: the Duchess Eloyse herself hisses that it won't do much good to order her around. Patches, pissed, tells the Duchess that she idiotically broke her oath, and now they've had to "suffer the consequences of her bullshit" for far too long, but that "that's gonna end soon". "A new High Queen is about to be named, I'm sure… and I think you can stop calling yourself Duchess, bitch!" And Patches hangs up, secure in the knowledge that though she has made an enemy, she can also take on the threat.