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The hearth makes their move towards a meeting with Vieren, and are surprised by what they find.

"I've always wanted to table-flip."

The table hangs in the air for just a moment before Oresta places it back down on the floor. Pyres begs with his mother Cathak Qiri to let her do things their way, and tries to throw her off-balance with news that Maral had been corrupted by Vieren too. Qiri demands that, regardless of how they do it, they deal with Vieren within a few days... and suddenly, her rage passes, and they find themselves enjoying dessert and wine. Qiri, it seems, is looking to take Oresta in under her wing....

In one of Myion's many taverns, Gale's identity has become forgotten in all the excitement around the new Gateway opening, "Vieren's Sacrifice". On their way back to the inn, Sientelle and Fleuvienne talk with Gale more about how to convince other people not just to believe her, but to follow them as well.

Cainan's pavilion is being guarded by several mortals: Pyres and Oresta make short work of them, scaring them off. Just inside, Vieren himself is lounging at a long table, surrounded by four other Dragon-Blooded Exalts! He mocks them, telling them to get the rest of their fang together so they can "hear the terms of their surrender". Oresta advances on Vieren while Pyres lays down his weapons in the spirit of collaboration. "If I managed to lose to you in our first meeting, I'm winning now," Vieren sneers... and catches the two Cathaks off-guard. Vieren didn't lose to them in their first meeting... Oresta's suspicions are confirmed when Vieren pulls her in close and whispers that it is, in fact, Brevin in disguise!

With the arrival of Gale, Fleuvienne, and Sientelle, the Fang makes a show of defying and proselytizing to "Vieren", who graciously accepts their surrender. He promises to break them, one by one, and has someone show them to opulent rooms upstairs. Pyres and Oresta berate Brevin for such an incredibly dangerous plan, but the young water aspect has information for them, along with the head of the real Gamesmaster Vieren. It would seem that Vieren had always planned to "die" at the House of Bells, and leave much of his fortune not to members of his own house, but to Tepet. Obtaining proof of this would go a long way to ruin his reputation.

Oresta proudly proclaims that the only way they'll be able to undo Vieren's influence, as well as that of his allies', is by standing together: "10,000 Dragons fight as one!" Together, they will support Gale's venture to undo his legacy and find the truth; but now that they're "Vieren's" prisoners, how can they move about freely? Brevin suggests leaving something behind as collateral... like Pyres' parents? The fire aspect explodes: he barely survived confronting his mother once, how will he be able to persuade her to play the hostage? Pyres' insecurities come out, and Fleuvienne steps forward to promise that she will personally break his face should he ever call himself stupid again.

While Pyres and Oresta head back to his family's home, Gale, Sientelle, and Fleuvienne are surprised by a guest: a young man who wants to know how to play "Vieren's Sacrifice". Gale is trying to hide her involvement in the gambit, and presents Sientelle as the Gateway genius. With the opening move starting to spread, knowledge of how to undo it will come shortly. The man thanks them profusely, presenting Sientelle with a Gateway piece that he was told to use as payment. Gale recognizes it as a replica of one of her pieces... held once by Bracken.

In her Zen Garden, Oresta and Pyres convince Qiri that they need more time: time not just to defeat Vieren, but to undo his actions and wipe his legacy out of existence. Qiri readily agrees, leaving the two to wonder if it really was that easy....

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