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The motley ventures into the Umbra with Kaylie as their guide!

"Maybe today is the day we're going to change the game."

Kaylie is excited and resolute, ready to guide the motley into the Umbra. When Patches asks what might be in it for her, the werewolf only replies that there is much in the Umbra… including hope. Sir Xaeron warns the three Kithain to expect to be tempted in the Dreaming, and that since time operates differently there, they need to prepare themselves to return to a different world.

Back at The Spark, Claude wishes Sophia well as Braum calls his ex-wife Claire and sons, Aidan & August. Zistor takes Patches down to the workshop where he presents her with Talus' mechanical arm, now repaired. The nocker accepts it, but is direct in telling Zistor that Talus won't get his arm back unless they feel safe, or are all endangered. Before leaving, Sophia does a quick sweep of Talus' old office for a possible phylactory, but discovers only a well-used pan flute, which she decides to bring along with her.

Kaylie arrives at the Spark, wielding a double-headed battle axe, well-crafted and old, and prepares to guide the motley to the Umbra. The four take Talus into the capsule and take their places, with Patches in the driver's seat and Kaylie stretched out in the back, prepared to dream. As the Glamour required to power the ship starts to swirl around them, they feel the joy, the inspiration, and the hunger of the Spark residents who gave of themselves, and the ship blinks out of existence.

The ship lands in a forest where the wind is blowing, and where the Kithain see nothing moving. Kaylie has shifted into wolf form and is confused that they haven't as well. As they step out of the capsule, they hear low growls from the forest, and sounds of gunfire! Spilling out of the forest are twenty caricatures of men wielding blunderbusses, intent on hunting the intruders. The five take off into the forest, with Talus saving Patches from a bear trap.

Braum leaps into the trees to summon a fair wind to push them onwards as Patches covers them with gunfire. Talus trips and falls on a landmine, freezing as he hears a click. Patches, thinking quickly, keeps the pressure on the device as she levitates it towards their pursuers. It explodes, taking out a few, as Sophia traps more with foliage and Braum fires a blast of eldritch magic towards them as well. Braum shouts out, granting his allies Hurricane Speed, allowing them to close the gap with their destination, and Patches tosses Talus his arm back to keep him from casting a cantrip. He seemed to have been drawing in a huge amount of Glamour while bunking for a cantrip….

A crack in a rock face has sparks spilling out, marking the border into the Dreaming: Patches uses Portal Passage and the five stumble into the clearing. Catching their breath, Kaylie notes that Wolfhome is a dangerous place, but one where the Garou can experience the pleasures of themselves. Suddenly, a rustling in the undergrowth announces a stranger: Hirgo leaps out, amazed to see them! He is still begging for a warrior's death, but Patches tricks him into believing that she killed him and, indebted to her, agrees to guard their ship in Wolfhome. As the motley steps on, who knows what they encounter in the Far Dreaming….