Val learns an unpleasant truth about Rey's father's illness. A return trip to Nexus presents new threats, and innocent civilians of the town are caught in the crossfire.

Valeria diagnosed Rey’s father’s illness… only to discover that he in fact only had permanent lung damage, but the medicine Rey was giving him was slowly poisoninig him. Val lied to both him and Rey, claiming that he was having an allergic reaction, and suggested they buy a different medication.

Meanwhile, the lights within the Manse turned red, prompting Jorek and Rey to check outside for any signs of trouble. Finding none, but still being concerned, they left Summer Blaze and Ember behind, along with Rey’s dad, while the Circle headed into Nexus.

When they arrived at the gates to the city, they found them closed, and unguarded. Rey leapt to the top of the wall to open the gates, and spotted smoke over the city.

Once inside, they found the streets deserted. Sensing trouble, they headed towards the site of the previous night’s fire. As they approached, they spotted an army in the now-cleared rubble.

Nexus has few rules, but one very important one is: no standing army shall be tolerated within the city.

An assembly of mercenaries showed up, under command of two men from The Guild, who challenged the army’s leaders (two female Terrestial Exalted, dressed in green) to exit the city. The women refused, saying they would only leave if someone brought them to the “Angel.”

Ducked into an alleyway, our trio discussed what to do, as the women continued speaking in the square.

With nobody stepping forward to help them, the women ordered their soldiers to take hostages.

Rey suggested that perhaps Val should step forward, just as the order was given to kill one of the hostages. Val jumped out, trying to stop the hostage from being killed, but when the women seemed uninterested, Rey jumped at the guard poised to kill a hostage, disarming him.

Val offered to bring them the Angel, should the army leave Nexus. The women agreed, on the condition that Rey also followed. Val continued to speak out, and they threatened to kill another hostage should anyone else speak. With additional insults and lies being thrown about as they moved to leave the city, Rey spoke back to them, and a hostage was killed. Val bit her tongue to the point of drawing blood.

At the gates to the city, the women stopped and announced the execution of Rey and Val, offering them a chance to speak theri last words. Val began to debate with them once more, trying to convince both their army and the mercenaries of The Guild of the good that had been done by Solars.

Meanwhile, a cloaked figure appeared on horseback from outside the city. Jorek stepped forward in the name of The Guild, trying to stay the execution of his friends (though he spoke as if they were strangers).

A fight began, Rey broke the resolve of the army, and Val began to fight with one of the women dressed in green.

The cloaked figure revealed herself to be Summer Blaze, and she helped end the fight, addressing the army’s leaders and sending them back to the Blessed Isle.

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