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The celebrations of Beltaine continue.

"What about strip chess? Strip magic? We try to integrate games into parts of our lives, parts that may be more… randy."

When Braum notices that Cog and Karen are missing, he goes to hunt them down, finding them in the Exhaust's kitchen. He sets them up in Kyoko's office to play some video games, aware that Cog likes the piskie, but totally unaware that she feels the same way about him.

Patches finds herself speaking to Padraic, who apologizes for the "expectations" of the night. The two muse about how the city is both a "blank canvas" and also possibly very Banal; Padraic also admits to the nocker that he's worried how the motley's adventure might affect how they treat Dauntain in the future. He rounds off the evening by asking Patches if she'd like to have dinner with him… after his interview with Talus, that is.

Sophia is surprised and delighted to learn that Kaylie is having pups, which she calls a "duty to the future". She is pleased, in her own quiet way, about her adventure with the motley in the Deep Dreaming, which gave her a glimpse of a world without the "Red Star" (a portend of the apocalypse), and she is certain that she can challenge any Garou who do not believe her story. Sophia tells Kaylie that she is happy for her, as she herself sometimes feel a touch lonely: anyone she's ever had a relationship with eventually grew to resent her, which is "just the way it is".

Zistor emerges from The Spark with Talus: the party holds its breath as the two make their way to the pond. Talus seems quiet, trying to avoid everyone's questioning looks, as he approaches Sophia. "We sang together once," he starts, but Sophia tells him that perhaps that time will come again. As Zistor takes Patches into the Spark to ask her about making Talus a new arm, Braum takes the stage, wishing everyone well at Beltaine, and especially given the "miracle that they've been blessed with"… Talus.

As Braum and Kyoko strut their stuff on the dance floor, Sophia and Sir Xaeron stand off to the side, observing. Sophia tells Xaeron that she's only ever been with people who felt undeserving of her when he mentions his experience with Kaylie; the Fiona sidhe tells her that he liked the idea of the "one true love", but that he's now had his eyes opened. The two agree that there should be no expectations, and move off together to one of the love shacks to have some fun. And fun they had!

Patches and Zistor drive off into the night, ending up only a couple of blocks away at the Montreal Forum. Zistor bemoans what happened to the historic building over the years, how it has been shaped by Banality, much like what has happened to him over time. Patches is the future of the city, of Talus' arm, and of nockers in Concordia, he tells her… no pressure. As they return to the Spark, Patches steps out for ice cream with the Duke, as the other members of the motley enjoy a very nice night indeed.