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The motley confronts a foe.

"Some play games to reconnect - to transition from long-lost friend to new relationship."

As Ramzia takes Lal away to rest, Talus promises to "keep an eye on them", while Braum and Kyoko catch Patches up on the threat to Sophia. The sidhe, for her part, is fixated on learning as much as she can about Marley: how else will they be able to be ready for an enemy like her?

It is at this moment that Incisor arrives back to The Spark with Sophia's father in tow. He is very unnerved by the redcap, but is overjoyed to see his daughter again, especially in her Fae mien. He is still wearing his coat of many pockets, the one that seems to have an endless supply of "wishes"; seeing it for the first time, Patches and Braum figure that it must be a powerful treasure. He claims to have bought it in a thrift store, but when pressed by Sophia, Gerald breaks down in sobs: he stole it from a bathing woman once, long ago. Struggling as a writer, taking the coat from the mysterious woman gave him the power to write beautiful poetry, but now he can't write without it. Sophia is heartbroken to learn that her father lied to her all these years, and is unsure what to do about the coat. She snaps at both her father and at Incisor before stalking off.

Talus returns to the Exhaust with a bowl of liquid, and uses Marley's claw to scry: while they don't see anything, they can hear the beating of wings and the tell-tale sound of the Montreal metro. Sophia, knowing that they're on the clock but unsure whether or not to fight for the coat, steps out onto the balcony to find Peeps. But when the bird appears, he gets swallowed whole by a surprise Little One! Together, the motley is able to eject the bird from the dragon's mouth, and Sophia takes him inside to warm up. He doesn't know Marley, but is sure that her father will slowly lose his ability to write without the coat. When she confronts her father again, he admits to taking the coat in order to feel powerful… and even if he's nothing without it, he uses it to see the real her.

Out on the balcony, Patches and Braum look for Marley on the street and are surprised by Little One turning on them: he's been possessed! As Little One blasts off into the air with Braum trying to restrain him, Sophia casts a Faerie ring around her father to protect him before setting out, Kyoko defending them with her Desert Eagle. As the Dream birds erupt over the edge of the balcony to attack the motley, Patches creates an illusory coat to trick Marley while launching herself into the air to find her. Braum tries to strike down the birds with lightning, just as time slows: Sir Xaeron rides in on a literal wave of pavement, pushing him up to the balcony to launch himself into the fight! As Sophia steps out into the air, Marley materializes right in front of the flying Patches: "Your terms are unacceptable to me…."