082. Destiny 2

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The motley's battle with Marley leads to some unintended consequences.

"Monopoly is designed for four players; Scrabble, for 2 players. But there can only be one winner."

Patches, flying in the air above The Spark, finds herself face to face with the enemy: Marley materializes, staring into the nocker's eyes, and tells her that her terms of surrender are "unacceptable". Patches fires a tracer dart into the crone as she flies back, her birds rushing up to form a wall in front of her. As Sir Xaeron creates a Guest List around the freehold to at least keep the chimera out, Marley discovers that her coat is in fact an illusion, and Sophia uses Verdant Reclamation to try to trap her. Braum, unable to fly, uses his strength to toss Sir Xaeron up into the air, imbuing him with strength as he slashes through the wall of birds.

Suddenly, a strange feeling comes over the motley: who is this old woman they've been fighting? Marley uses Veiled Mind to cause them to collectively forget why they are fighting her as she tries to get away; the crone fixes Patches with a stare that chills her very core, sending her running off to hide. Sophia rushes up to her enemy, but the crone simply fixes her in Stasis, the sidhe's beautiful form freezing in midair. With Sophia frozen and Patches cowering, Braum knows he has to try something desperate: he leaps off the roof onto the ground below, exulting in his athleticism to call upon the Dreaming to imbue him with Glamour, and then using it to exhort the Dreaming to "free her", pointing to the stasis'd sidhe. As the Dragon's Ire begins to burn, Xaeron throws whisper at Marley, knocking her to the ground, and the two stand over the fallen body of the crone, now a shrivelled chimera.

As they look down on their enemy, and Patches regains her senses, a horrible sound erupts from above them: Sophia emerges from stasis, transformed by Braum's unleashing into an iridescent dragon! The chimerical form of Marley begins to sing a mournful tune, but the motley recognizes it for the trap that it is, and Sophia descends from the sky, terrible and beautiful, burning the chimera away in a gout of flame breath. As she lands with a heavy thud, she begins to create a Faerie ring around herself, hoping to heal herself of the transformation. Braum is upset that he caused so much destruction in order to win the battle, and heads inside with Patches to check on Sophia's father. Sir Xaeron is moved with pride for the motley's actions and bravery: despite the odds, they triumphed over the evil creature!

As Talus goes out to the garden to sit with Sophia, Braum sits heavily in the Exhaust, Kyoko attempting to comfort him. Patches, meanwhile, heads down to the workshop: during the battle her use of Glamour unbalanced her, and now she is both clumsy and burning with the Glamour of a balefire. And when Claude tries to distract Patches from her state and keep her calm, the nocker tricks him into forgetting about her so she can get to work, using her Glamour to forge new creations. When Braum ventures down to find her, worried about her, she seals him inside the workshop!

Patches rushes back out to the garden, suddenly realizing that Sophia's transformation has massive implications: using Dragon's Breath to forge her inventions will surely improve them, infusing them with the power of the Dreaming! When she confronts Sophia, asking for her breath, the dragon-sidhe has a proposal of her own: if she has been granted this power, why not use it? Why not do what they have been intending to do, and burn down Abford Pharma? Zistor, having just let Braum out of the workshop, notes that they both seem to be on the path to Bedlam, and Braum is horrified that Sophia would think about using the Dreaming for this kind of destruction. But when the dragon speaks, all listen, and Sophia's charisma convinces everyone that they must take advantage of their strength to destroy Abford. Patches, however, will stay behind, as her imbalances render her a liability… but Zistor promises to work with her on her inventions.

And while Abford burns with flames from a dragon, Patches and Zistor manage to conceptualize something on a whiteboard that might just shock the others….

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