086. Scalebound

Obi-Wan Finale - The Loop


The motley and their allies take new threats head-on.

"The best part of bingo was the prizes."

Having heard the White Dragon's ultimatum to bring him "all four dragons" in Westmount Park, or else he would bring his full wrath down on The Spark, the motley agree they must do what they can to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle and prepare for the inevitable showdown. Patches and Braum go to scout out the park; Sophia calls for Scythe and Little One.

Scythe lands in the garden of the Spark as Sophia rushes to tell her about the white dragon and his ultimatum. She believes his plan is to remove all of his "competition" in the region so he can have his pick of any of the treasure at The Spark. "Will you cede this territory?" asks Scythe. Sophia wants to defend her home, but the question remains: if she, Scythe, and Little One are three dragons, who is the fourth?

The motley heads down to see Jigg, asking if he would come along with them to Westmount Park to confront the dragon. Jigg is surprised that he would be asked, seeing that he's a business man, not a warrior, and that it's not exactly easy to negotiate with dragons. He is convinced by Sophia, but asks that, in return, they keep Millicent safe in case the dragon returns. Delivering Millicent to the Spark, Zistor hands Patches a mysterious box, telling her only that "it's ready". Questioning Sophia about why they brought Jigg, the sidhe reveals privately to the others that she thinks it's possible that Jigg is, in fact, the fourth dragon!

The motley, along with Jigg, Kyoko, Incisor, and Xaeron, venture out onto a soccer field in Westmount Park, meeting Scythe and Little One. They decide that they will make their stand here, away from the Spark, but that they will scatter if necessary, seeing as the dragon can't hunt them all at the same time. Scythe asks Jigg why he is hiding "who he truly is" from the others, and the nocker reveals that he is indeed a dragon in the form of a changeling, and has been this way for 15 years!

The white dragon thuds down onto the soccer pitch, ready to "claim what is mine". Jigg and the other changelings stand united against him, and while Scythe tries to accept his challenge to a one-on-one duel, Sophia refuses to let her. They all draw as the dragon attacks! Scythe takes the worst of the blow as Sophia binds it to the ground, Patches attempts to shoot it, and Braum throws Incisor onto its neck. Cantrips fly everywhere as Scythe takes another hit, falling to the ground. Braum holds onto the white dragon for as long as he can before dropping back to the ground and the others rally around Scythe. She calls for the "dragon soul", and as Sophia and Patches both attempt to heal her, the dragon reaches out and gifts something directly into the sidhe's heart… the true power of a dragon.

Incisor gets a call from her ex, Travis, about a group of redcaps who have taken advantage of the chaos to occupy Heart's Light; meanwhile, the white dragon is no doubt heading towards the Spark. Sophia takes off with Incisor to reinforce the Spark while Patches, Braum, Kyoko, Xaeron, and a reluctant Jigg rush over to Heart's Light, ready to kick ass and take names. They bust into the basement where five redcaps are about to reave the balefire: Patches dresses them down, nocker expletives flying, and eventually shoots one to prove her point. When Braum knocks out a couple more, the rest take off.

Arriving back at the Spark, Sophia learns that Claude has gone down to Riverside Designs to investigate a potential break-in. When she and Incisor join the boggan, they note several men in suits seem to be looking for something. Sophia sends Incisor to try to intimidate them, but one man steps forward and simply commands her back up to the Spark! Sophia realizes that these are no ordinary men: at least one must be a vampire! Thinking quickly, she calls upon her new dragon soul powers, turning into the iridescent chimera once more, and torches the office, crisping the assailants alive. In the moment after the huge blast, the sprinklers come on to wash away any trace of the attackers….

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