088. Ticket to Ride

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The motley has a moment to breathe, and to love.

"If everything falls out well, everyone leaves having had a good day."

In the aftermath of the dragon attack, Braum checks in on Ramzia and Lal, who is packing a bag. Ramzia explains that they are indeed going their separate ways, for now; taking on the mantle of star-crossed lovers is still catching up with them, and they don't wish to visit more trouble on The Spark.

Jigg Grifter also returns, telling the motley that he's at their mercy, seeing as how they know his secret. Patches assures him that they no have reason to reveal it to anyone. "This isn't a threat, but we won't come for you if you don't come for us." Jigg takes a moment with Sophia to let her know that he's proud of her: she used her new power well, and she's welcome to a "very exclusive club". Not all dragons are looking out only for themselves, and she represents some of the best of dragon-kind.

The three members of the motley go their separate ways: Sophia to visit Sir Xaeron at Heart's Light, Braum with Kyoko to guard the freehold until they return, and Patches with a still-unenchanted Duke Granville. The mortal and the nocker drink, reminiscing about their respective times in the Canadian Armed Forces (or Navy), and Patches tells him that this place is simply a community centre for "Lost Souls". When Granville asks if that makes him a lost soul, Patches wryly replies: "Aren't we all?" As the Duke heads off to bed, Patches talks with Zistor and Talus, the latter of whom informs her that Zistor is thinking of starting up "full production of the Workshop again"! Zistor is still on the fence, but Patches takes Talus' side, telling Zistor to at least start with a trial period. She, for her part, is off to the Grand Bes Din to present High Queen Lenore with her gift, the pocket loom.

Leaving Braum and Kyoko in charge of guarding Heart's Light, Xaeron takes Sophia to Somerled Park in a suburban neighbourhood of Montreal, waiting to meet one of his dreamers. Sophia meets Lenore, a teenager and graffiti artist who created a mural in the park featuring a flower growing, turning into a cloud, and being rained down into another flower. She was inspired by Xaeron, she tells the sidhe, to create something to do with the cycle of the seasons, death and rebirth. Sophia learns that Xaeron is, in fact, an art teacher, all the better to meet young Dreamers, although the number of times he's had to fend off infatuations are numerous.

Back at Heart's Light, Braum asks Kyoko to teach him about the Hero of Hyrule, as he feels a strong affinty towards "Lonk". Kyoko acquiesces, but then starts to grill Braum on his dreams for the future. Is he OK with the idea of keeping some tradition in his life, while still exploring new paths forward? She shows him a picture of her and her brother, the only family she has left, she tells him. She also reveals to him that she has two doctorates, one in Criminal Science and the other in Computer Engineering. Braum is taken aback by all of the news Kyoko is revealing to him, but even more so when she gets down on one knee! A traditional marriage proposed in an nontraditional way…. Sophia, upon returning, can tell right away, and whispers intensely to Braum that she must be the one to plan their wedding ceremony. And with that, Braum and Kyoko take off to the Eastern Townships for the night, leaving everyone with their current partners.

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