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A new Changeling is born.

"Inevitably someone pulls on the wrong stick, and everything comes crashing down."

As the surge of Glamour courses through Sophia and Lauren, they rush up into Claire's apartment building to find the newly Chrysalized Changeling. After finding that it does indeed lead to Braum's ex-wife's unit, Sophia orders Lauren to guard the door, as the Selkie appears to be having a bit of trouble staying rooted in reality. Giorgio, too, is having trouble with the crisis, and Sophia is forced to take charge, ordering the satyr to look after Gus. In the living room, Sophia can see a cloaked figure watching over Aidan: the boy looks frightened, with his teeth elongated and sharpened; he has Chrysalized as a Redcap!

Back at The Spark, Braum and Kyoko's wedding announcement party continues until the feeling of Glamour from the new Chrysalis washes over them. Duke Granville humbly suggests they move the party to the source, so that they can all celebrate the birth of a new Changeling. Patches uses Wayfare to get them all over to Pointe-Claire in Montreal's West Island… but Braum finds it strange how close they are to Claire's home. Approaching the building, a couple of redcaps stop the new arrivals: the one in charge tells them that "the new one is one of us", and that they plan on "keeping him". The others see no trouble with this, as long as Braum is allowed upstairs first, just in case the new Changeling is indeed one of his sons….

Back up in the apartment, Sophia watches as the cloaked figure reveals itself: a battle-scarred Hirgo, now complete with raspy voice, tells her that he is repaying his debt by watching over this new Kithain. Sophia takes Aiden inside a Faerie ring to try to explain a little bit about what he has become: the teenager bounces between excitement at getting to be a "superhero" and being morose that he can't "be like" Sophia.

Back outside, Patches notices a couple of sunglass-wearing suits in a car nearby, with the chill of Banality coming off of them: as she approaches, one of them tells her to "go away", and it proves remarkably successful. When she eventually figures out they have a vampire problem, Hirgo heeds the call, jumping out of the window and grabbing on to the back of the car as it peels away. Back upstairs, Braum and the redcap, revealed to be Travis, enter the apartment and go looking for Aiden. The new redcap is furious with his father, who was rarely there for him, and only now reveals that he has been "lying to them" all this time. Travis snaps at the teenager, telling him to show at least some respect to his father before stalking off; Braum is softer on Aiden, understanding that he will need to find his own path through his new life. As his father, he would like to be there for him, if he can….

Travis leaves the apartment to speak with Patches: as repayment for alerting her to the attack on Heart's Light, he wouldn't mind her help with his own situation. Some redcaps on the West Island have their own freehold, but have been forced to pay tithe to one Sir Callum. Patches feels that nothing in the world is free, but Travis wants her to come down to the freehold and try to speak some sense to the rest of the Kithain, if she can. "They'll respect you, anyway," he tells her. She agrees to help before getting another strange message, this time from her father in England: he's "had a breakthrough" with his work, so he's coming over to visit her. He sends along photos of what seem like blueprints, but even Patches can't make head or tails of them… what's going on with her father?

In the apartment, Braum and Aiden have come to an uneasy truce, with the troll admitting that he pulled away from his family, but the redcap beginning to understand why. Aiden wants proof of their new world, and asks to see a dragon. As they start to leave, a butterfly comes through the window, flapping into the bedroom, and all of a sudden, another blast of Glamour rocks the building. Young Gus, who was being cajoled by Georgio, suddenly Chrysalizes as an Autumn Sidhe!