099. A Game of Marriage

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The motley plans for bachelor and bachelorette parties!

"We have a tradition in the Western World: participating in a bachelor or bachelorette party."

At Angell Woods Park, Sophia stays behind with Pasebakhaenniut to mourn the sacrifice of Layla Measures-Twice in attacking the Hive. Sophia offers to be present at her Last Gathering, and the Garou asks for one other favour: is there any way that Sophia can grow some flowers here, at her final resting place? Sophia promises to make sunflowers, her favourite, spring forth when Layla's family comes to visit.

Meanwhile, Patches accompanies Braum as he drops Aidan off at home. The new redcap seems curiously respectful of his father, and has questions for them about the meaning of what he witnessed that night. Seeing him inside, they are surprised to discover Karen knocking on their window, asking for a lift to see Cog. While Patches' car seems to have run out of gas, although she is fortuitously able to get help quickly. Hoping to keep her lucky streak going, she discovers that her scratch ticket is a $5000 winner: she passes it along to Braum, citing his upcoming expensive wedding.

Over the following weeks, Patches checks in on the progress of the construction of her wing in the Grand Bes Din, as well as presenting her loom of F.A.T.E. to High Queen Lenore, who receives it graciously. Meanwhile, Braum visits Homefires to update the other members of the Companions of the Golden Braid on their recent run-ins with other supernaturals. He also takes the opportunity to ask each of them in turn to be in his wedding party: Claude, Lord MacAllistar, and Lady Helena all accept, although the latter ribs him a little bit for being so formal in his requests. He approaches Sir Xaeron to be his best man, who is honoured to accept, and hints at a bachelor party in the troll's future. When Braum tells him he only wants "challenges and adventures", Sir Xaeron replies that first challenge will begin now: Braum will have no idea when his party will be!

Back at The Spark, Kyoko arranges to meet Sophia, Patches, and Incisor in the garden. In turn, she asks each of them to be in her bridal party, although the pooka seems very concerned about what she "should" do and who she "should" ask, rather than focusing on what she wants, as Sophia suggests.

When Sophia and Xaeron eventually meet up to discuss their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, the sidhe agree that the parties must overlap at some point… and that since Braum's marriage to Kay was "sedate", he hopes they can settle on a particular day for the festivities, so that they "won't see it coming"….

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