101. Dream Phone

Obi-Wan Finale - The Loop


Braum and Kyoko have a wedding reception.

"There was a game I was not allowed to play, so I wanted to play it much more. Some people can't resist the allure…."

Braum and Kyoko's wedding reception is in full swing, with even High Queen Lenore deciding to partake in the festivities. Patches proposes a toast and gives a heartfelt speech to the bride and groom, then announces three challenges set forth by Braum: a contest of mental stamina, a contest of artistic ability, and a contest of physical agility. For focus, Patches, Dr. Sayley, Helena, and Heart's Light's server, Audrey are made to draw the alphabet while being blocked by Aidan, Gus, Little One, and Sk4G 2.0, respectively. Patches is declared the eventual winner; Lord MacAllistar wins the dancing contest, and Sir Xaeron the painting contest.

With the party underway, Patches takes note that Cog seems to have vanished… as has Lenore, with whom he had been talking. She tries calling his phone, only to have it answered by a slick Seven, who seems to know where the young nocker is, and that he's "safe". Meanwhile, Braum meets another member of the High Queen's entourage, Sasha, a troll without noble title or house affiliation, but whose strengths are apparently her "talent" and her "patience".

Patches hears a bit from Tailor about the situation at Chateau Frontenac since it was "inherited" by Faerilyth. Interestingly, they seem to be in a tentative peace under Eiluned, and that it will hopefully last… Seeing Cog emerge from The Spark, the nocker confronts her ward: "Alright Mr. Big Boy, what's going on?" She wants him to be careful, and to at least learn to lie better… she can tell by his strenuous denials that something happened with the High Queen, and she wants to know, damnit! The mention of Lenore freaks Cog out, and Patches notices his bright red colour: did he have sex with the High Queen?! What about Karen?! Cog informs her that Karen dumped him, and Patches reiterates that Cog really needs to learn how to talk his way out of situations like this one. As he leaves, Patches worries to Fala that maybe she's teaching him the wrong lessons; Fala's teacher, Braum, taught her to look beyond actions towards motivations, and that sometimes the lesson she thinks she's teaching isn't necessarily the one being learned. Is it so wrong for Cog to jump into the deep end?

Braum and Fala are happy for each other's success so far, and she tells him that she'll be staying in Montreal for the time being. In that case, they'll definitely be seeing each other soon, the troll nods to the eshu. At that moment, Claude stumbles back into the garden, totally sauced, and with Glamour dripping off him. He's happy for Braum and Kyoko, but feeling his melancholy for his lost love. Braum tries to cheer him up, and privately vows to help Claude find love again. He wishes Zistor a good night, who is happy with the Spark's "new direction": a refuge for innocent lives. "That's bliss," he smiles at Braum before cussing him out.

Patches finds a good ending to her night as well as she and Tailor step into her room… unfortunately discovering that it's already been used by a certain young, lucky nocker boy.

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