102. Betrayal Legacy

Obi-Wan Finale - The Loop


After the wedding reception, the motley search for a missing friend.

"You ever play a game with someone who got so mad they do the unthinkable? What about when they come back?"

Sophia has a wonderful night at Braum and Kyoko's wedding: she dances with Seven, who suggests she might want to check in with the High Queen Lenore, as her advisor of dreams; and she has a heartfelt conversation with Sir Xaeron, who admits his love for her. "I would find it… very difficult if you were to leave," he admits. She too revels in her love for him, but they don't discuss their relationship status any further.

The next morning, the motley reunite in the Exhaust and bump into an excited Karen, who is looking for Cog. While they may have broken up, she calls their relationship "on-again, off-again", and asks why Patches is being a bit cagey about what he was up to at the wedding. "It's nothing to worry about," the nocker shrugs, and though Karen is convinced, Sophia harbours some doubts as to what happened with the young man. The motley see off several happy guests, including Tailor, and discover that even Zistor has some pep in his step after the reception. But the dirty dishes in the Exhaust threaten to overwhelm the kitchen; where on earth is Claude?

The motley accompany Sophia to the Four Seasons Hotel to consult with High Queen Lenore about her recent dreams, and on their way in, run into Sir Kenwyn. Since having seen him at Pennons, the Ailil knight has become a go-between, delivering messages that require his "political skill". Upstairs in her suite, Sophia questions Lenore about her recent dreams, remembering that Seven had suggested she may not want to share them so as not to "jinx it". The High Queen tells Sophia that she has been dreaming of nothing but success of late, and of a treasure that will bring peace and prosperity which she can take with her everywhere. Sophia quickly interprets the dream as actually pointing towards love: even though she may be a Queen, the young woman has obviously encountered love recently, and longs for more.

Heading back to the Spark, Sophia connects the dots and asks Patches point-blank about Cog and Lenore: did they perhaps get up to something at the wedding reception? Patches tells Sophia that it isn't really her news to share, but that yes, she believes so. About to pursue the conversation further, they enter the Exhaust and still find no trace of Claude. Fala mentions in passing that she is feeling anxious, like an old enemy would once again rear their head. What could this vision portend? Patches uses Chronos to glance backwards in time to try to figure out Claude's movements while Sophia and Braum check the Spark's security cameras. The footage shows Claude leaving late the night before, and Patches' cantrip shows the boggan hopping into his van and driving to a home, then heading through a hallway towards a door made of metal.

The motley take a chance and race out to Claude's home, where his wife Halleah still lives… but they find no signs of life at all. The room at the back of the home, once an office, has its door off its hinges, and all of the furniture from within seems to have vanished. In the basement workshop, they find a smear of blood… and a cold iron nail. Where is Claude?!

Suddenly, a black Audi pulls up to the home: Kenwyn emerges, proffering a sealed letter for the motley Ignite. Sophia flies into a sidhe rage supplemented with Grandeur, attempting to intimidate the Ailil, demanding to know how he knew to find them there. Kenwyn's services as a go-between has forced him to swear an oath as message-bearer, and therefore he can't reveal his source… but Sophia's cold fury does convince him to help them. Braum, meanwhile, opens the letter: the seal is of a butterfly with a broken wing, and the contents are simple. "It is useless to search for him; he pays for his crimes. You will not interfere, lest ye be judged swiftly as well." And signed: Halleah.

At that moment, a pair of arms burst through a wall, snagging Patches! As the nocker drops her lightning gun, she is dragged down to the basement, where a female troll tells her to keep quiet. Sophia and Braum rush after them, but the two have already disappeared down a hole, tunneled out over a long period of time….

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