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Sophia has a revelation about the prophecy; Braum is pursued by enemies.

"You're not playing a game, you're playing a trick. Games don't always have an opponent, other than fate…."

Rushing away from his assailants, an injured Braum slides down escalator banisters deep underground, making it to Lucien L'Allier metro. As he attempts to get on the subway, one of his pursuers pulls the emergency stop lever, keeping the train from leaving the station. As a desperate Braum contemplates doing something very risky, he is approached by a young mortal dressed in a punk outfit. Nancy has noticed him bleeding, and believes him when he says the three pursuers mugged him in an alley. She manages to drive them off by attracting tons of attention from other mortals nearby, and then helps Braum get on the subway. She gives him her number, asking him to "call her when he's safe". But when Braum arrives at the station leading back to The Spark, he hears whistling in the empty tunnel as he walks down it….

Meanwhile, at Caer Frost, Sophia and Xaeron are left to their own devices by Queen Laurel after their "encounter". Sophia notes that Xaeron seemed very hesitant with Laurel, and is curious, given that they have a history… or so he told her. Xaeron is worried that he "ruined" the encounter, but Sophia laughs that off. He tells her that their history isn't what she thinks: Laurel once pursued Xaeron, but he knew that his life and duty were not to be found at Caer Frost, but rather "out there, where I can help make the rest of the world like this place." Sophia, to hyped up to sleep, returns to the castle's library to study the prophecy some more. She speaks with a troll childling about the prophecy, who points out that the prophecy may be nonsense; he believes firmly in High Queen Lenore, who sent missives when she was crowned to help all Changelings get through these changing times by staying true to themselves, much as she stayed true to her nature as a member of House Dougal. Sophia suddenly connects the dots: the "workers ruling all" referred to in the prophecy may be a member of House Dougal! Perhaps the prophecy has already been fulfilled?!

Back in Montreal, Braum discovers the source of the whistling in the tunnel: the satyr from the alley, who introduces himself as Mazer. Knowing Braum is injured, he's blocked his path in order to get information out of him, namely what the troll has on Halleah that made her "turn on them". He doesn't know where Kyoko is, but truly believes that Braum is only there to exact revenge on them, rather than be an ally for their cause. When he questions Mazer about his motives, the satyr tells him that Broken Flight truly wants to prevent the Long Winter. "Funny," he muses, "Kay asked us the same questions…."

Sophia insists that Xaeron "owes her a Chrysalis story", and the Fiona knight surprises her by telling her it occurred after the Canadian Under-18 Curling Championships. A young Xaeron had noticed someone cheat, but didn't say anything, ending in their loss. When his teammate berated him for "playing the hero", Xaeron Chrysalized as a hero of legend, and then taken into a Commoner muse! Did he become the person he was always meant to be, or simply the person others thought he was? The two head down to speak to Queen Laurel, who reminds them that some of Broken Flight's hearts were in the right place. When Sophia insists that they aren't aiming to "crush them", so as not to martyr them, Laurel advises them to save those who deserve to be saved, and to give the group a new direction.

Braum realizes that Mazer is packing heat and decides to try to surprise the satyr, believing himself to be caught in a no-win situation. He charges at Mazer, but is shot in the struggle! As he lays dying on the ground, the satyr tells him a little secret: "they believe in the cause; I know where I can benefit from it," he tells the troll. Suddenly, a voice calls out for him to back away: Fala has appeared to save the day! With Halleah in the tow, the two of them carry Braum out of the tunnel, towards The Spark. Fala remains behind to hold off any pursuers, while Halleah, carrying her once-enemy, asks for his help in upholding her oaths. Returning to the Spark, Braum "captures" her and presents her to Incisor before passing out.

Braum wakes up in a bed, having been stitched up by Dr. Sayley, who berates him for getting attacked again, as does Sophia upon her return. He acknowledges the need to maintain his own safety, and frets about what will happen to the group now….