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The hearth makes a public move against Vieren... while other moves are made behind closed doors.

"Sometimes it's about the expected. All you have to do is reach out and push..."

The Hearth of the One True Bell decides that it's time to gather the crowd they'll need in Myion to denounce Vieren once and for all. They don't have much success, other than Pyres, whose charisma and reputation precede him. Gale joins Juwinn on a nearby rooftop to watch the "trial", while Pyres mounts a dais. A huge man, built like a mountain, appears, wielding a massive jade bat -- Worldbreaker. This is Cathak Bone-of-Stone, Oresta's Earth Dragon form teacher from Myion. He agrees to preside over the trial as a neutral party, inviting "Vieren" to defend himself.

Vieren claims to want to rid the Realm of its enemies, and points to his original will as proof that Pyres is simply a jealous, scorned protégé. Pyres' oration, however, is more passionate, appealing to the loyalty of those assembled, their hopes of a better, more unified future. Oresta steps up to support Pyres account of the battle of the House of Bells, but lets him take credit for leading the defense. Bone-of-Stone cracks Oresta with his massive bat to test her honesty, but one cannot move her so simply. An old woman stand up from the crowd to denounce "Vieren's Folly", the Gateway opening. Fleuvienne and Sientelle, too, come forth from the crowd to support Pyres and soon the crowd is calling for Vieren's head.

Up on the rooftop, Gale reveals to Juwinn the role that Seven-Fingers supposedly played in bringing her to the House of Bells in the first place. She is furious for having been played, but pledges to protect them all. She also reiterates that someone beyond Vieren must be trying to undermine the Realm by casting stones at other enemies, like her.

Pyres marches the crowd back to Cainan's pavillion where his mother Cathak Qiri waits with the real Vieren's head. The Hearth stages an elaborate show of "executing" him and presents the crowd with the head. Thirsting for more blood, Pyres turns the crowd from hunting down other houses to a huge feast, and takes the opportunity to thank Bone-of-Stone for his sound judgement. The Immaculate monk warns him to consider how all Dragons can work together before pursuing his goals.

At Cainan's pavillion, Gale questions Brevin, who tells her that Lee-Ann had come searching Vieren, and that something in her drink had caused her anima to flare, much like Juwinn's had in the glade. An investigation of Lee-Ann's room reveals little, other than the fact the she was working for an unknown group, but not against them. Meanwhile, Oresta finds herself alone with Fleuvienne, who brushes off the Earth aspect's apologies of "intruding" on her and Pyres. "I've been waiting so long for you to intrude..." Fleuvienne tells her. "I don't know how to ascend a mountain yet, so I'd need you to show me the way." The two fall into a passionate embrace.

The five return to the inn to summon Juwinn to them, telling her that Lee-Ann had been poisoned in a way similar to her. She intends to confirm that her trust in us is well-placed, and after the events of the day, doesn't want us to have to fear her any longer....

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