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The motley find their enemy, and a friend.

"Hidden information is sometimes the key…."

Talus returns to The Spark with Queen Laurel and several prophecies in tow. While the satyr is unharmed, the Queen is both chimerically wounded and furious about the attack on Caer Frost. She is calmed in her fury by Sophia and Patches, who gets Cog to help her out of her armour. Queen Laurel is sure that while the assault is happening now, Broken Flight's leadership is crafty, and sure to go back into hiding. When Braum admits to being afraid of Broken Flight's methods, Laurel learns of Braum's near-sacrifice (and rescue) from the day before; "Don't die for no reason," she commands him. The motley wonder what Broken Flight might have been hunting for at Caer Frost, and Laurel tells them that the freehold's Glamour is focused through a great sceptre, which was left behind. No doubt in the clutches of Broken Flight by now, Queen Laurel tells the motley that now is the time to strike, before they can use the sceptre to achieve their aims!

Sophia, Patches, and Braum set off towards the Montreal Planetarium, the location of the trod that will take them back to the Near Dreaming, and the castle in the sky that she had escaped from. Their way into the Dreaming, however, is blocked by a sphinx-like chimera, whose feathers were ruffled by Patches "just blowing by" her on her way out last time. "You didn't even stop to hear my riddles," she mourns. The motley play along, solving several riddles, much to the delight of the chimera, Abbess, who imbues them with the power of flight and wishes them well.

Approaching the castle, they discover the grounds seem completely deserted… are they all at the siege of Caer Frost? Making their way in through an open window, they discover some clothes and empty weapon racks in the master bedroom. From next door, the sounds of piano music playing…. As they move stealthily into the next room, Sophia discovers a blind boggan playing a familiar tune on the piano, dressed in overalls with meticulously-parted hair, and with eyes an alien shade of green. Sophia learns that his name is Boli, and that despite his lack of vision, he is indeed aware of the presence of the other members of the motley. He tells them that "playing reminds me of what we're doing this for," and goes on to muse about how preventing the Long Winter isn't necessarily selfless, but rather selfish. The motley recognize they must be in the presence of an important member of Broken Flight, one to whom the prophecy was told.

Boli acknowledges that they are on different sides of the war, but that there is no one else there to help protect him, at the moment. "Some means are justified by their ends," he mutters where confronted with the orders he gave. Braum orders him to surrender to them and be returned to the Spark, but Boli refuses. When he tells the motley that Broken Flight has "no one of value" to trade for him, Braum asks about Zistor and Kyoko: the former was forgotten, but Kyoko isn't in a position to be traded, not after what they've done with her! Braum begins to rage at Boli as the boggan imbues himself with the essence of water to attempt to escape. Touching a key on the piano, something begins to stir in the castle below them, but Sophia secures his capture with a Dictum: "Return peacefully to the Spark with me!"

As they move to leave the castle, they hear screaming from below them: Kyoko is tied up, with Mazer holding her hostage on an airship! He cackles as he casts her off into the void below and takes off. Patches imbues the motley with flight and zooms after Mazer; Sophia attempts to slow the airship; and Braum dives straight off the edge to catch a falling Kyoko. The pooka is in pure anguish, screaming over and over that she's sorry, because "she told them where Queen Lenore is!" As Mazer vanishes, Sophia secures their small airship… and Braum realizes that Kyoko just send Broken Flight on a wild goose chase with her lies!