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The motley greet a new arrival at the Spark, and break some bad news to them.

"I was wicked good at Mario Kart, but sometimes not all rules, like, cover everything. Glitching is a part of the game, bruh…"

Before returning home to Cross' Shadow, the motley take in a few more sights in Halifax. Out for a celebratory lunch with Xaeron, Braum tries to ascertain his friend's intentions in accepting Sophia's proposal. He is able to report back to the Countess Weyer that it wasn't a difficult decision for the Fiona: Sophia challenges him, taught him that there is room in his life for play and for beauty, and that Countess Neela was "the furthest thing from his mind". Meanwhile, Sophia and Patches meet up at the Grand Bes Din, where the latter spills the beans about her very new knighthood. Sophia wants to make sure that the nocker didn't join House Dougal only to "save" her, but Patches is firm that House Dougal aligns with her values.

The Montrealers Wayfare back to The Spark, where Sophia immediately asks Zistor for a moment of his time. Patches reveals to Kyoko, Xaeron, and Braum that she is reconsidering her refusal of the Companionship of the Golden Braid. Kyoko bursts out laughing, but Braum and Xaeron are both up for helping her in any way they can, including in the possible trial that she may have to face. They retire to the garden while Kyoko and Patches sit together on the couch. "You did it for love, didn't you?" the pooka asks, having already grasped the change that has come over Patches. She is proud of Patches for doing something that is to her benefit rather than sacrificing in order to "save" others. Patches isn't like Braum, she tells Kyoko, she only wants to swear those oaths that are truly meaningful to her so that she doesn't end up like Halleah — having sworn oaths too hastily.

In Zistor's office, Sophia reveals her marriage plans to Zistor, who presses her until she says the words the freeholder longed to hear: "I love him." She asks Zistor if it would be possible to obtain some sort of position at the Spark to further solidify her ties with the place… and privately notes that Weyer has asked for certain conditions in order to pledge House Liam's aid in this match. (A Barony for Xaeron, a pledge of Fostering, and a masterwork clock!) Returning to the Exhaust, Sophia is surprised to see a delivery from the Liam Countess: a letter addressed to Neela, and only to be opened "if the mood gets a little black".

Patches ventures in to see Zistor Flexx, trying to find the right words to tell him what she's done. He congratulates her on her victory at the Grand Bes Din, telling her that she's "too good for a title!" "Maybe not…" the nocker mutters, before breaking down. Teary-eyed, Patches asks Zistor how he's "able to do it," — she believes so strongly in the commoner cause, and is resolute in her commitment that the Spark must remain under control of commoners. But she "jumped into the Deep Dreaming for him, and into a title for them." She returns her "title" as Steward of the Spark to Zistor, as she doesn't want the freehold to be compromised; Zistor is furious, demanding to know why he wasn't even consulted in her decision. He tells Patches that he believed she was his way to see his legacy through, but now… It isn't even about the freehold, but about their relationship! She is still his apprenticeship, and they both agree that she damaged the trust between them. Zistor stands and declares her banned from the Spark's workshop until such time as she can bring herself to speak with him and tell him "what she really wants from this place, and from our relationship." Patches storms off to be alone.

It is at this moment that Braum greets the Duke Granville, the Countess Neela, and her retinue, newly arrived. She is very gracious, giving Braum a small gift and presenting Mab with a small drum kit too! She is excited to see the Spark, but has to get down to business first. She steps out into the garden with Sir Xaeron, expecting the knight to propose. Sophia is on tenterhooks, anxious about how she'll react, when suddenly a sharp cry rings out. She and Braum step out into the garden to see Neela aflame with disbelief and confusion, lightning coursing through her hair. "WHY?" Sophia makes her way to Xaeron as calmly as she can, and tells her, simply, that they are in love. It is Sophia's wish that the Countess Neela find someone who can love her as much as she cares for Sir Xaeron. The Dougal breaks down, rushing off to the other side of the garden, weeping. She and Braum share a moment together as she wallows in self-pity, punishing herself for having been so selfish as to keep Sir Xaeron away from his love. Braum tries to help her see that it is in picking ourselves up from setback that we learn true strength.

Sophia and Xaeron go in to see Duke Granville while Patches strides back into Zistor's office. "Zistor, I am the same nocker I was. I will continue under you and be Steward here." Zistor warns her that she'll need to figure out what the title means to her, but she retorts that it isn't about the title versus her loyalty to Zistor: she can have both. She asks to use the workshop to build herself the artificial body parts she'll need as a new member of House Dougal.

Patches returns just in time to see Granville learning that Xaeron did not ask Neela to marry him, and that he and Sophia are instead engaged. The Duke draws himself up to his full height and status and unleashes his pure sidhe fury upon them. He cusses out Xaeron for being selfish, for not understanding how hard he's worked to make this match between his house and House Dougal. Sophia and Patches learn that it has been in the works for almost two years. But when Xaeron stands firm with Sophia and Patches, citing the strength of his friendships, the Duke just glares….