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The hearth charters a ship and sets sail... as other ships navigate uncertain waters.

"I've been thinking a lot about vulnerability, the definition of why things matter."

The Hearth has set sail from Myion, aiming to return to Arjuf, and from there head to the House of Bells. Pyres asks Fleuvienne to spar to pass the time, and she learns that the Fire aspect is worried about how his sister, Maral, will react to them arriving. Fleuvienne, on the other hand, is excited about personal horizons opening up for her.

She heads down below-decks to Oresta's room, where the Earth aspect admits that she "fell in the Fire," and that while nothing's happened between her and Pyres as of yet, it may only be a matter of time. Oresta is uncomfortable with him having called her "his hero," and considers her involvement with other members of the Hearth at the same time to be selfish, but Fleuvienne reassures her that being able to be moved is no bad thing.

Sientelle is trying to learn the reflective game, but is having a hard time putting herself into the mindset of her allies secretly being enemies. Gale opens up to her about a goal of hers: she can "envision an army that can take down a Deathlord". Sientelle is impressed, and realizes that perhaps Iselsi's actions mean they are preparing for war.

She meets Pyres out in the hall, and lets him know that Fleuvienne and Oresta are waiting for him: "Don't even bother knocking," she says, brushing it off. When Pyres does enter Oresta's room, he finds them in bed, enjoying each other after a moment of passion, and vows to get Sientelle back. The Wood aspect is adamant that the three of them "figure their shit out," and leaves him to it. Fleuvienne admits that she loves them both, and leaves Pyres and Oresta alone to sort out their feelings. Oresta lets him know that her door is always open, and while Pyres appreciates it, he wants to take the time to get to know Oresta: maybe tonight, after dinner? The two agree to talk in the evenings and share stories of themselves with each other.

When informed of these personal developments, Gale does what only she would: prepares private questionnaires for the Hearth to ascertain if their feelings will interfere with their ability to make war. Sientelle, meanwhile, lets it slip that she knows what Fleuvienne's infamous "#4" is... and that it is very good.

The Hearth makes it to near Arjuf, where they are able to drop anchor above the wreck of The Heightened Sense. Sientelle stays onboard while the other four swim down: Pyres learns that the ship was wrecked not necessarily by weather, but by the marks of a flamewand inside the ship; Oresta finds the original logbook, including details of its last voyage; Fleuvienne carries up something made of a magical material and wrapped in a sheet, leaving Gale alone in the captain's quarters. The Air aspect happens upon a desk inlaid with orichalcum, but as she reaches out to touch it, the immense power of the desk summons a sea monster! Gale summons Soaring Eye from her air bubble, hoping to kill it before she drowns, and, assisted by Pyres, Fleuvienne, and Oresta, they manage to drive the monster off and surface the desk.

Somewhere, not so far away, Maral waits in the ruins of those who came to seek her. Waiting for ideas worth having....

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