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The motley moves on.

"I love games, and the best part about games is how many there are."

The carnage on the mountain remains, as does the motley and their allies. Sophia takes Duke Velan aside, demanding that he prove his value to her, since his life is now forfeit. Sophia wants to know who the new High Lord of House Balor might be so she can begin making contacts and connections. He agrees to assist and even vacate his freehold in exchange for his freedom to not be "persecuted or prosecuted" by her. Meanwhile, Patches tries to reach out to those missing allies in the city, and Braum brings word of Zhyzhak's defeat to Kaylie and the Garou. They promise to cleanse the area as the group head back to The Spark, with Cog giving Patches a fist-bump on the way.

The following Wednesday, Sophia is at Heart's Light to oversee the first application to her new mortal artists program. Kenwyn introduces a familiar face: Pierre-Luc, once a traffic cop, and now pursuing his sculpting. He tells Sophia he is ready to dedicate himself to his art, and that his contacts in the city will certainly help her, too. He thanks her for having inspired him to change his life, and she returns the gratitude, telling him that much has changed since they met, but that he inspired her to see more dreams every day. Meanwhile, Patches is visiting Fuse Terwilliger at the Grand Bes Din, where she finds him completing others' half-finished projects. Patches tells him she intends to fund a scholarship for those Kithain who wish to learn more about themselves at the NOVEL Annex, in order to foster their creativity. "Keep this up," Fuse wryly comments, "and they'll make you a Dayan whether you want it or not." Patches shrugs it off, commenting that it's probably better to have a nocker ambassador "out there in the world" rather than stuck back at the Grand Bes Din… but her generosity is acknowledged.

Back on Mount Royal, Braum lights the balefire at his new freehold, The Braided Pines, surrounded by his friends and the members of the Golden Braid. The abandoned rest stop has been transformed into a pine lodge, with a stone centrepiece, planning room, armory, and the original tic-tac-toe wall left intact, ghosts and all. Lord MacAllistar sits with the troll, reminding him that peace is something to continue to fight for and work towards, and that their work is never done. He shares a drink with Patches, who he suggests should be on the lookout for new recruits, seeing as the freehold "is going to make some of our members a bit too comfortable".

Sophia takes Patches outside and puts an unusual question to her: how could she make reverie more attractive? Sophia is hoping to end the need for Ravaging in Cross' Shadow, which earns an eyebrow-raise from Patches. The nocker is honest, telling Sophia that she would need to find an instantaneous alternative, seeing as Reverie typically takes days, if not weeks. The motley receive a visit and a gift from Pasebakhaenniut, who congratulates them on their victories. He tells them that, in meeting them, he discovered a new layer of reality, and believes that there may be others, which will take him far afield on a journey. But before he goes, he'll drink with them! As Braum regales the others with boastful tales, Xaeron takes Sophia and Patches aside to thank them. Years ago, he says, the Red Branch made the choice to save Braum but, in doing so, "let him dwindle". By doing the right thing so many times, he tells them, he's come to realize that, surrounded by heroes, he is definitely one too.

The night before Zistor and Talus renew their vows, Patches and Sophia keep them company, respectively. The satyr is a nervous wreck, pouring over parchments to find the best words; Sophia, though, is calm, telling Talus that despite all that's happened to them, since their love hasn't changed, he'll know the words in his heart. Patches is taking a different approach with Zistor, who is playing it cool, although Patches is able to detect some jealousy in the old nocker towards Cog and his youth. Zistor has Patches sign his will, in which he bequeaths the Spark to her, but "don't think that'll be any time soon," he grumbles. Braum is in conversation with Dr. Sayley, who points out certain crags on his stone skin as proof that he comes from a long line of legends. Will he venture out to discover them?

The next morning, everyone is out in the garden to celebrate the renewal of vows between Zistor and Talus, including arrivals from Quebec City, Faux and Duke Granville. Cog appears and shows off SK4G Mk. IV, now with impressive personality capabilities; Fala speaks with Braum about their work in life, catching those people passing back and forth between worlds. Talus and Zistor reaffirm their love for each other, but the oaths they swear aren't the point — it's simply being able to express their love that brings them joy.

Their stories go on: Aidan becomes involved with a pooka, and Gus invites himself along on their adventures; Seven retires from High Queen Lenore's service to enjoy the beaches of Tahiti; Cog becomes the NOVEL Annex's liaison; Fala and Braum adventure to seek out their legends; Patches continues to create; Sophia learns of a dragon's egg in Cross' Shadow; Braum and Kyoko honeymoon in Japan… and their legends never die.