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In this season finale, the hearth wraps up its time in the Imperial City and sets off toward their future.

"We're going to make history today, but the ending was never the destination."

After the huge move the Hearth made in the Imperial City square, it will take time for the news to travel back to the other Great Houses, and it will take time for them to respond. Oresta instructs Quick Rat to assemble the other students from the House of Bells in preparation for the revolution! In the meantime, the Hearth will return to Myion in order to make new memories for Sientelle.

Oresta meets Quick Rat for that long-promised steak dinner. He was happy to be in the Imperial City as a "listening ear," and listens very attentively when Oresta tells him to skip the dessert.

Walking back to the docs, Pyres takes Fleuvienne aside to confirm that he still feels strongly for her, and Oresta, and everyone in the Hearth, but that he has no idea how to pursue love outside of Dynastic marriage. Fleuvienne reassures him that she's not going anywhere. Gale is pleased to finally know where her enemies are, and how to fight them, but Sientelle is hesitant about something. Maral advises her brother to hone his message so that he can stand before the people once more.

The Hearth, along with Maral and Juwinn, take a ship headed back to Myion. Pyres and Oresta take a private moment together to confirm their status as being non-exclusive... but they'd find it hard to be apart. Gale is excited to have a plan driving forward into the future; Sientelle finally admits that she is unsure about the future other than knowing the Hearth will be in it. Her mother was proud of her for bringing down the House of Bells, but now she dreams of Gateway.

All seven gather together in the galley, to make sure they're on the same page. Gale Whispered and Juwinn both express the possibility that all five members of the Hearth may have to marry to secure alliances for their cause, and Oresta agrees to once again command them on the battlefield.

Hundreds of points of light spread throughout the Realm: what will change? Who will stand against them?

But that... is a story for another day.

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