Turns out, destroying a Deathlord isn't so simple.

“I wonder whether it’s possible to truly kill a Deathlord."

In the aftermath of the Gentle Father’s death, Valeria and Rey question Jorek about their missing memories. One moment, the fight began, and then next, the Deathlord was dead; how was that possible? Reluctant to reveal the fate that befell Rey, Jorek tells them only that Final Beat had power enough to undo some actions made during the battle, wiping everyone’s memories.

All of a sudden, a massive earthquake shakes the ground as a fissure opens up in the earth on the riverbank: the Deathlord has returned to claim All Fates! A sickly green glow emanates from the ground along with the cries of the damned, and a large, twisted hand reaches up for All Fates Saved. Jorek and Tide attempt to build an escape route on the river while Valeria and Rey battle the hand and attempt to reclaim their friend. As All Fates falls into the pit, Valeria hurls her spear down for All Fates to catch. As she summons it back to her, Rey leaps off the wall of the fissure, kicking away the Deathlord’s grip on the Night caste. On the surface, the five decide that, their escape notwithstanding, they will need to finish this enemy once and for all: Exquisite Tide creates a large ice floe, and they ride it down into the depths.

Once there, as it becomes clear that the Gentle Father is on his own turf and that the battle will be difficult, Jorek tries one last desperate gambit: knowing that the Deathlord wants only to have mortals as “children”, he describes a perfectly obedient little girl for him to have for Eternity: a toy doll. Using his considerable power, Jorek persuades the Deathlord that it is worth attaining, and they agree to a truce as Jorek runs to Nexus to obtain it. Stumbling across the surviving members of the Guild in an old toymaker’s shop, Jorek persuades the shop owner to part with his daughter’s prized possession, believing it will be more effective.

Back in the Underworld, Valeria is attempting to maintain the truce while wearing down the Deathlord’s resolve for the coming battle. Rey, hoping to create a distraction, finds and uses a toilet, but fails in moving the Deathlord’s sense of disgust. Just as Jorek is returning, All Fates can bear no more: “You gave me everything I wanted, but they gave me everything I needed!” She screams as she plunges her hand deep into his chest.

The second battle with the Gentle Father begins. Attempting to wear him down works for a while, but the Deathlord is able to almost fell Exquisite Tide. Jorek discovers the creature’s “love”: “I value the love of my children above all else.” Realizing what must be done, Valeria and Jorek work to reduce All Fates’ love towards her old master. Rey incapacitates the Deathlord by punching him straight through his throat. She too recognizes what must be done and, using her Smashfists’ Evocation, knocks All Fates’ love for the Deathlord out of her. Recognizing that his child’s love towards him has gone out, the Deathlord looks up towards the sky. “Mother…” he whispers before exploding into green flame.

Finally having defeated this Deathlord, the Circle make their way out of the Underworld and back towards their manse. They discover many wight corpses at the door, but inside, all is well….

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