The chronicle draws to a close. What will be our circle's legacy?

“While you’re holding your breath, think about how essential it is… take in what is necessary, and breathe out what is not.”

Standing at the top of the Imperial Manse, having just deactivated the Realm Defense Grid, Felicity confronts the Circle. She is derisive of the prophecy that brought them there; why is it that they should have the right to rule? Valeria is steadfast in her belief that they have done the right thing, even if the odds seem to be against them, and that she will not sacrifice others for power. “Well, only the one you love,” Felicity retorts, and leaps off the platform.

Leaping down towards Speaks-of-Silence and their other allies, Felicity is followed by Rey, along with Valeria and All Fates Saved. The Night intimates to Valeria that she isn’t sure they are all strong enough to defeat her, but Valeria insists that they must try. A huge battle erupts on the floor of the manse, with Valeria moving to protect Speaks-of-Silence and Rey going toe-to-toe with the Scarlet Empress. Rey manages to throw her back into a wall, but Felicity directs a huge bolt of lightning at her, injuring all those to whom Rey has positive Ties.

Jorek stays up on the top platform with Starlight Dove, who informs him that the Fae are coming…. The two rocket through the roof just in time to see the sky turn lavender as the amassed army of Fae arrive above the army of Terrestrials below. Jorek fires an arrow high into the sky in order to draw the armies’ attention, and determines where their animosities lie. His voice booms out: “You’ve all come to the centre of Creation. I’ve come to bargain.” One of the Fae, Illuma, steps forward, and asks Jorek how he is able to bargain here. “Do you speak for Creation?” “When I speak, Creation listens,” Jorek responds.

Back in the manse, The Scarlet Empress circles around to the doors, electrifying them with a touch. As Rey manages to hit her, Eyes Alight gives Valeria the courage and power to attempt to persuade Felicity to stand down. As she is wrapping her hands around Rey’s neck, she asks whether she is willing to let Ember die in her place. Rey shakes her head: she would sacrifice her own life before Ember’s. Valeria’s voice reaches her: she wants the Scarlet Empress to stand down and yield control of the manse to the Solars. “You don’t get to judge me… Take good care of Creation for me.” With those words, Felicity sinks into the manse, leaving only a hearthstone behind. Rey picks it up, slotting the multicoloured stone into her smashfists, hearing the voices of those who died in the manse, and gathering its power. As the lightning dissipates from the doors, Valeria throws them open and stands in front of the assembled army of Dragon-Blooded, a terrifying apparition of Solar glory. “Welcome to the third age. We seek to share our rule!”

Back up on the roof of the Imperial Manse, Jorek continues his negotiation with Illuma: when she asks whether he is ready to make good on his promise from the Wyld, the Eclipse tells her that this is a new opportunity: a seat at the table which will control Creation and the Wyld. He promises to annihilate the Fae otherwise: “This is not a threat; this is the truth.” Jorek sanctifies the oath with the Fae as, down below, Ember kneels to Valeria. As the Terrestrials begin to move in, the Zenith speaks, getting them to realize that all Terrestrials need to band together in order to represent their interests on the new Council for Creation.

Rey steps into the Warstrider in order to back up Valeria as All Fates asks her where they must go from here. Rey is confused by her feelings of “not wanting to punch things”… but she knows that the new order will bring time for them all to search for She-Who-Knows-Ten-Thousand-Things. As Valeria and Rey intimidate the Dragon-Blooded into falling into their place, there is a moment of peace: Ember stands as Requiem dies…. Eyes Alight isn’t sure the Sidereals will accept the new order, but Val explains that all will be better together. There is the sound of someone coughing: Speaks-of-Silence is alive! Rey doesn’t know if she can forgive Valeria for hurting her, but Speaks-of-Silence says they both made the right choice at the end of the day.

For a time after Calibration, there is peace. Valeria heads to Thorns and beyond to cure the world of the Abyssals, bringing them one by one to re-Exalt in the name of the Sun, including one young girl, Sola. Jorek goes west to commission a statue of his daughter, which stands in Great Forks in front of an amphitheater that becomes a focal point for talent in Creation. Rey goes north with Ember to find the source of the sunlight drink they tried in Yu-Shan; on the way back to Nexus, she gives birth to two twin girls, Summer and Sola. All Fates Saved is travelling between the three, never quite sure of herself, but eventually meets their Twilight in the North, bringing them all together.

And I think we’ll end the campaign here….

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