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Located on the West Island of Montreal, a nondescript squat concrete building houses the pharmaceutical company.



Generic and Banal, accessible through a guarded front door or from the roof.


In the basement, Abford Pharma houses a series of small "cells" with cold water flowing over the floors as well as an office. These rooms seem to be used for experimenting on Kithain, although little is known about what happens there.



Little is yet known about Abford Pharma, although details about its history are starting to become clear. It was the location of a Red Branch mission to retrieve "the rocket" where Kay was mortally wounded with cold iron, and Braum killed her in order to save her Fae soul. It may also have been the location that housed "the rocket" for a longer period of time, but that is less clear.


Even less is known about the current activities that are taking place in the mysterious Abford Pharma, but perhaps the motley will have to return in order to discover its secrets….