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Cynis Bracken, the House of Bells' Librarian, keeps an eagle eye on the tomes of knowledge crucial to all cadets' learning.

While originally known by the school as a Fire Aspect, revealed to be the Exigent of Games.


Good commanders spend time in the library. Great commanders know how to find the books they need. There are a lot of rumours about Bracken—that she was formerly an impressive general who no longer has the stomach for battle is a popular one—but what is known is that, unlike others of her House, she has little taste for extravagance. She does have one indulgence: Bracken is a known sweet tooth, and often one can find favour by somehow procuring a sugary treat for her. Never be too obvious about bribery, though. Bracken values subtlety.

Known Intimacies

  • Minor Tie: Juwinn (Curiosity)
  • Minor Tie: Fang of the Lost Hand (Curiosity) (Found by a botch, so maybe false)
  • Defining Intimacy: Win or lose, I will be sure to be right
  • Minor Tie: The Realm (Amusement)