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Sir Claude ap Gwydion, a boggan grump, is a former Red Branch knight and inaugural Companion of the Golden Braid. He keeps this part of his life relatively quiet and instead serves as the butler at The Spark, where he attempts—and largely fails—to maintain complete control over the kitchen and bar.


Claude immigrated from France to the United States following his Chrysalis. While he served briefly at Homefires as a cook, Claude quickly distinguished himself by taking charge of tactical planning for Homefires defence during the Accordance War, for which he was knighted by MacAllistar. His appointment to the Red Branch came shortly after he attempted to return to work in the kitchens of Homefires; David Ardry believed his logistic genius, humble nature, and Unseelie allegiance would serve well.

The first instance of Broken Flight attempting to overthrow the monarchy led Claude to come in direct odds with his Trueheart, Halleah, who had defected to the cause. To avoid her execution, he agreed to allow her house arrest, unenchanted; however, this drove him to spend almost all of his time in freeholds, unable to cope with the grief of losing his troll wife.

After the Abford Pharmaceutical debacle, Claude took residence alongside Kyoko in order to look out for Braum and escape his home situation.

Claude helped to retake The Spark from the Duchess Eloyse.

Though he was an inaugural member of the Companionship of the Golden Braid, Claude was largely removed from the second Broken Flight conflict: in order to avoid putting him at odds with his Oaths, Sophia had Incisor suspend Claude by unleashing Winter.


As butler of The Spark, Claude is officially in charge of food, drink, hospitality, and chauffeuring, though he isn't bound to those duties.

Currently, Claude's relationship with Halleah remains strained subsequent to her return to changeling society; he avoids her as much as possible, his heart still too heavy.