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ExalTwitch: Academy follows the story of three Terrestrial Exalts in attendance at The House of Bells.

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Season 01

  • 01 Ready Steady Go - We meet the protagonists of our story as they are shuffled into a new Fang.
  • 02 My Favourite Game - The Fang of the Lost Hand participates in "Game 1" against the Coral Helix.
  • 03 This Is What You Came For - The Fang of the Lost Hand deals with the aftermath of "Game 1".
  • 04 If I Had You - The Fang discusses potential members before another letter interrupts their musings.
  • 05 Everything To Me - Game #2 concludes between the Golden Thread and Lost Hand.
  • 06 We Appreciate Power - A midnight meeting turns up new leads.
  • 07 One More Time - The Lost Hand starts to push back.
  • 08 Handle With Care - The Fang asks questions and gets answers... including the revelation of several secrets.
  • 09 Vagrant - The Lost Hand reports on their findings and are let in on yet more secrets.
  • 10 I Think We're Alone Now - The Fang splits up to pursue individual goals, returning with revelations for all.
  • 11 Shooting Stars - The Lost Hand prepares to play Game 4 on their terms, but not all goes according to plan...
  • 12 Immortals - The Fang deals with the immediate aftermath of the Game in the glade.
  • 13 Run With Us - The strength of the Hearth of True Bells is put to the test.
  • 14 Runaway - The Lost Hand spreads out and discovers many new things...
  • 15 Weapon of Choice - Normal classes resume, but the events of their first day back are anything but normal.
  • 16 Torn - Things heat up in the library - in more ways than one.
  • 17 Away Home - The Hearth of True Bells plans their next steps and furthers their understanding.
  • 18 Battleflag - The whole school prepares to head out for manoeuvres, but something is amiss...
  • 19 Everlong - The assault on the House of Bells continues.
  • 20 Say Something - In this season's penultimate episode, the Lost Hand faces adversity head-on.
  • 21 School's Out - In this season finale, Gale Whispered, Oresta, and Pyres have to battle their impulses and choose their paths forward.

Season 02

  • 01 Ballroom Blitz - After laying low in Arjuf for a month, the Hearth of the One True Bell has been promised safe passage - if they can gather some key items at a high-class ball being attended by the local elite.
  • 02 Dancing in the Dark - The Hearth attempts to complete their mission and escape with their findings, but Seru has other plans.
  • 03 I'm On a Boat - Setting sail for Myion, the trio learns more about their spoils and discovered far more than expected.
  • 04 Perfect - Gale gets down to business while Oresta meets Pyres' parents.
  • 05 Won't Get Fooled Again - The Fang goes to meet with Vieren, but are surprised by what they find.
  • 06 Survivor - As the Hearth moves to discredit Vieren, they learn an Anathema has been caught.
  • 07 Keep Hope Alive - The Hearth has a night at Oresta's family home, but it's hardly restful....
  • 08 Every Breath You Take - The Hearth learns the reason for Seven Fingers appearance.
  • 09 Titanium - The Hearth manages to find a moment to breathe... and to bathe.
  • 10 Brothers In Arms - The hearth makes a public move against Vieren... while other moves are made behind closed doors.
  • 11 Here Comes the Sun - The hearth sets about understanding new information and old rivals.
  • 12 3 - The hearth charters a ship and sets sail... as other ships navigate uncertain waters.
  • 13 Turbo Killer - The hearth lands in Arjuf and sets off North to find out who or what is waiting for them at the former campus of the House of Bells.
  • 14 Love The Way You Lie - Back on school grounds, the Fang of the Lost Hand struggles to get answers.
  • 15 Save the World - Further investigations are made at The House of Bells, and the hearth decides which leads to follow.
  • 16 Wouldn't It Be Nice - The hearth sails to the Imperial City and makes use of the time to work through some details.
  • 17 The Darkness - The hearth arrives in the Imperial City along with Maral, and are ushered in to a meeting with one of Sientelle's contacts.
  • 18 The Final Countdown - The Hearth follows through on their promise of a fight and a speech, as requested.
  • 19 Sanctuary - In this season finale, the hearth wraps up its time in the Imperial City and sets off toward their future.

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