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Viewers have created all sorts of amazing content inspired by ExalTwitch: Academy. Check it out below!


Visual Art

Please make sure to include your name in the description! Also note that we will showcase art uploaded here in our pre-show and post-show stream overlays.

Fan Characters (non-canon)

Do you want to make your OWN non-canon/head canon NPC?

You can build a student at the Former House of Bells on https://www.lotcastingatemi.com/ in Eiragwen's Head Canon Classmates chronicle by going to Chronicles → Join and entering this code: 8LkuRpCK1GWrLFUFcQkh4Kyj after you've signed up.

Reminders for the stats: No Points/Specialties from backgrounds, 15 Bonus Points, 5 Excellency charms, 10 other charms, 10 merits, Essence 1.