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"Designed to be sheathed together, the two swords are named Hope and Abandon. Inlaid with beautiful jade, when you first hold them in your hands, they echo with promise of glory. But more than glory, of greatness, of beyond, as if they're destined to do more than what Cathak would have them do."

Hope and Abandon are a set of paired Short Daiklaives made of red jade, currently in possession of Cathak Pyres. They have powers related to enflaming passions.


Like almost all Short Daiklaives, Hope and Abandon are extremely sharp and heavy blades that handle as easily as daggers in their owner's hands.

Hope's powers are tied to increasing emotions in others. It's first Evocation, Passion Before Duty, allows Pyres to inflict a penalty to the Join Battle roll of enemies who have been inspired by him.

Abandon's powers are tied to giving in to your own emotions. Pyres has yet to awaken any of it's Evocations.


Hope and Abandon's history before Pyres took possession of them is unknown. They were most recently owned by his older sister, Cathak Maral.

Battle Record

Pyres used Hope and Abandon to deliver a strong opening blow to Ragara Brevin during a fight on the first day of his fifth year of school.