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Several years ago, three get into position…

Interlude 1

Posted 2017-12-20

Helena sighed, wiping the spilled foundation off the plastic explosives, and wondered if it was worth trying to scoop it back into its bottle. After all, she had to import that brand from Paris.

Kay looked up. "Problem? We're almost there."

The purse's zipper whispered shut, and Helena shouldered the strap. "I'm not afraid of flying. I'm afraid if the wrong person looks up, we'll be falling."

The gryphon's tone was kind. "I don't disappear at the first sign of Autumn, esteemed Lady."

That drew a laugh from Helena, and she elbowed Xaeron in the ribs. "Esteemed Lady. I like that. You can learn from Rika."

Xaeron nodded, distracted, and patted the massive, feathered neck. "We really appreciate the lift, Rika."

"Of course, valiant Sir. Your dive will commence in approximately seven seconds."

Helena hated letting go of Rika's fur, but she did so, rising to her feet along with the others. "We couldn't have brought parachutes?"

"Happy hunting, courageous Knights." And Rika rolled, just as Xaeron's Hopscotch took effect. Within a few seconds, two sidhe and a selkie landed on the roof of the building. They hustled over to the door leading inside and crouched low, everyone staring at synchronized watches and trying not to breathe too loudly.

Helena fiddled with the latch on her purse. "Ten minutes. No problem."

When they heard the beeps, Xaeron pulled his lockpick from its scabbard, and with one swing Whisper breached the door.