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A Hutt with a reputation for begin reasonable and true to his word.


Well-established on Ryloth, he has long been doing business with the politicos and other influencers on the planet. He has managed to build himself a good reputation among those with whom he has transacted. It is also known that he deals frequently with the Empire - bending corrupt middlemen for his own profit.


Having learned of Hanka and Malto's deaths, he put a bounty out on the accused: Rigel Mereen, captain of the Redshift Runner. However, Irrica was primarily concerned with a medical droid - model 91-B - who had some data of interest to the Empire. After some negotiations (and a minor tantrum from Captain Velkar), Rigel and Feenam'ersu were tasked with retrieving the droid as a means of paying off the debt owed to his deceased associates.