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Lady Hideo Kyoko ap Gwydion, a former Red Branch knight and inaugural Companion of the Golden Braid, is a resident of The Spark and Braum's third wife. Adept with computers and espionnage, she is a fierce ally in times of war, but she would define herself as a lover, not a fighter.


Kyoko earned her knighthood at 15 by assisting the Red Branch on several missions with her technological skill; Helena pushed to have her join despite her young age.

Kay taught Kyoko the soft skills that would lead her to excel in information gathering, while she learned to fight from Celyan.

Kyoko infiltrated Abford Pharmaceuticals as a test subject in her rabbit form; the subsequent disastrous mission to extract her and neutralize the threat ended in the deaths of both of her teachers. She negotiated with the Garou to protect Braum by isolating his memories and entered seclusion at The Spark alongside Claude, keeping her profile as Red Branch knight as low as possible.

On her own initiative and without the permission of House Gwydion or the Red Branch, Kyoko infiltrated King Meilge of Willows's court and eventually became Meilge's confidante; she attempted to steal his Masque, but failed to do so. The exact nature and extent of Kyoko's actions with Meilge are currently unknown.

Kyoko became an inaugural member of the Companionship of the Golden Braid following the dissolution of the Red Branch.

Broken Flight abducted Kyoko during their resurgence, mere days after her marriage to Braum; during her captivity, she successfully convinced their leadership that High Queen Lenore was hiding at Sybil's Tenderness in Quebec City. Kyoko impersonated Lenore in a trap that led to Sophia killing a sizeable chunk of the Broken Flight cell leaders.

Personal Life

Kyoko considered Kay one of her best friends. Because of this, she never admitted her romantic feelings towards Braum until Kay's sealskin was passed on to Lauren.

Confirmed among her previous lovers are Sophia and Fala.

Kyoko is now married to Braum, but (at her insistence) the marriage is kept monogamish. Her approach to love is deeply sensual and she refuses to suppress that.

Kyoko has a brother living in Florida; she is estranged from her family, none of whom have met her husband or his motley.

The rabbit pooka is quite well educated, and has two PhD's; she holds a few patents that keep her financially solvent.