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Werewolf the Apocalypse: Montreal by Moonlight features a diverse array of characters.


  • Dante - a Glass Walker Theurge played by Scott (he/him)
  • Macris - a Bone Gnawer Ragabash played by Kate (she/her)
  • Troian - a Black Fury Ahroun played by Elizabeth (she/her)


Miscellaneous Montrealers[]

  • Calvin Freemont, a blog reporter (he/him)
  • Clarissa, a regular woman whom our trio helped with a Bane (she/her)
  • Pierre Boulot, employee at Climata (he/him)
  • Quentin Quirin, head engineer of Climata (he/him)
  • Susan Johnson, former CEO of Climata (she/her)
  • Trace, friend of Dante (he/him)
  • Tracy M'Batu, current CEO of Climata (she/her)
  • Vincent, lurker in the Coroner's office (he/him)
  • Zed Pursova, mysterious figure involved with Climata

Bar Balthazar Regulars[]

  • Christine, who works in a print shop (she/her)
  • Shonk, an employee at Bar Balthazar (he/him)
  • Theo, a bicycle courier (he/him)

Caern of the Weathered Storm regulars[]

Downstream regulars[]

Northern Guard[]