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A young Earth Aspect Dragon-Blooded attending the House of Bells, played by Kate Hagemeyer.

Though physically imposing, once you get to know her it's clear she's a teddybear whose mind is always caught up in fantastical stories.


Born to parents whose Exaltation was anticipated but never occurred, Oresta was raised to be a good soldier. Thus it was quite a surprise when one day the ground beneath her began to tremble.


Having been accepted at the House of Bells, Oresta has spent much of her time training in many forms of close-quarters combat. When not in classs, she can often be found in a quiet corner of the library with her nose in a novel or collection of old legends.



Oresta's mother and father gave her a comfortable and promising upbringing, and they continue to support her as best they can as she ascends to the ranks of the Exalted.



Character Sheet

Follow this link to Oresta's character sheet on Lot-Casting Atemi.