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A young Fire Aspect Dragon-Blooded Dynast attending the House of Bells, played by Scott Humphrey.

An Exalt who has to live up to his House's expectations of being a great warrior on the battlefield; despite this, he dreams of doing something different—even greater.


Pyres followed his sister to the House of Bells, hoping to gain the training he needed to bring honor and glory to House Cathak. He impressed the students and faculty with his combat skills during his initial screening, and has been continuing to impress with his force of character since.


Currently in his final year at the House of Bells on the Blessed Isle.



Pyres has an older sister named Maral. She considers herself his superior, but looks upon him with at least some favor. She gifted him with the paired daiklaives Hope and Abandon.


Pyres is currently the leader of the newly-formed Fang of the Lost Hand, along with Gale and Oresta, as well as the newly-recruited Sientelle and Fleuvienne, both ex-members of the Fang of the Coral Helix.

Pyres also has a long-standing rivalry with Brevin, the ex-leader of the Fang of the Coral Helix. Despite some attempts to extend the olive branch, their fiery relationship continues to be driven by mutual frustration and bitterness.


Character Sheet

Follow this link to Pyres' character sheet on Lot-Casting Atemi.