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Rey is a Dawn caste Solar Exalted.


Born and raised in Nexus by her father, she learned the hard way how to defend herself in the city’s unforgiving streets and developed an affinity for it. When her father became ill she took to brawling in the fighting pits to earn money for his care.

She met Valeria and Jorek in Nexus, and the three Solars joined forces. They soon gained new allies: a lunar named Speaks-of-Silence; a reformed Abyssal named Three Fates Shadow; and two Terrestrial Exalted named Summer Blaze and Ember. Rey and Ember began a romance shortly after.


Reeling after revelation upon revelation (her mother's betrayal, Tide being her sister), Rey is struggling to prove that she's more than a "disappointment" while coming around to the idea that Tide may also be more than she appears.


Age: 17
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Chin-length, curly & red
Eyes: Green
Caste: Dawn
Supernal Ability: Brawl
Anima: A fist pumping a heart
Armour: None
Weapon: Smashfists, which fit like fingerless gloves in brown leather inlaid with orichalcum. The leather straps criss cross and extend almost to her elbows. Artifact.
Equipment: She carries a brown canvas satchel which contains odds and ends (the herbs gifted to her from “Felicity”, some rope, a few moldy pork buns… ) She is currently wearing a plain gold band from Ember on a leather strap around her neck.
Casual attire: Tan cropped pants, a tan shirt, no shoes. Nothing fancy or expensive. She has had these clothes for ages.
Fancy attire: Lol.
Battle attire: See “Casual” with the occasional splash of sparkly diamond skin
Personality: Reckless, stubborn, sarcastic, fiercely protective of her loved ones and unable to control her anger when anything happens to them. Never learned to read. Loves to eat.



  • Defining - "I cannot forgive those that hurt my loved ones."
  • Major - "I will not let my allies fight without me."
  • Major - "It's time for the Solar Exalted to fight back."
  • Major - "I will fight for the underdog."
  • Major - "When in doubt: pork buns."
  • Major - "I will prove my Tepet Deep Fury wrong."
  • Minor - "I will not back down from a challenge."


  • Defining - Father – Love
  • Defining - The Circle – Loyalty
  • Defining - Val - Friendship
  • Defining - Jorek - Friendship
  • Defining - Ember - Love/Protectiveness
  • Major - All Fates Saved - Friendship
  • Major - Speaks-of-Silence - Friendship/Bros
  • Major - Corrupt officials & elite - Hatred
  • Minor - Starlight Dove - Trust
  • Minor - Starlight Dove - Distrust
  • Minor - Tepet Exquisite Tide - Begrudging Respect
  • Minor - Tepet Exquisite Tide- Pity
  • Minor - Tepet Deep Fury - Animosity


Force of Silence Technique

10m - Make a decisive attack. If any damage results I may spend 10 motes to:

1) Prevent all damage (optional)

2) Prevent victim from being able to make ANY sound for 1 scene

Mind-Twisting Strike

10m - Make a decisive attack. If successful, for every 10 initiative I have I may reduce the level of 1 intimacy of the target’s by 1 for 1 scene. This does not do damage but does look like an attack. Does not function on someone in limit break. I cannot remove an intimacy that does not exist. This does reset initiative.

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