Tepet Exquisite Tide

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A Dragon-Blooded Exalt from the Blessed Isle.


Tepet Exquisite Tide has been married to Ember (arranged by their families) for three years. She followed him to Nexus, discovered his shifted allegiance and has threatened to return with allies to fight them.


She has almost killed Ember, and was almost killed herself by the Solars before being revealed as addicted to a certain red crystalline drug, the cause of her cruelty and rage. She has been in great emotional distress because of this, but the Solars were able to give her life new meaning in opposing the Immaculate Order. Released from her imprisonment by Valeria, Exquisite Tide has ventured north and east while the Solars head south. She went to Valeria's home town, where she met Hope, and they have since returned to Nexus together.

Known Intimacies

Defining Principle- The Immaculate Order is wrong about the Solar Exalted.

Major Principle- “I will be the one who gives commands.”

Major Principle- “I will prove myself even to those who doubt me most.”

Major Tie- Ember – Blind devotion

Minor Tie- Valeria – Awe (instilled by Jorek)

Minor Tie- Rey – Distrust

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