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A freehold in the Baronetcy of Widow's Bell. The freeholder is Standish Pireaeus, a scholarly Satyr grump.

The coins tossed into Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill goes to the Centennial Flame Research Award. A small chunk of that money each year comes from Kithain in the know—it's required to toss a coin, any coin, into the Flame to gain access to the House of Scrolls.

Located underneath the Library of Parliament in the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings, this commoner freehold is devoted to scholarship and education. Overseen by Standish Piraeus, a satyr grump, those based in the House of Scrolls are dedicated to research. Childlings are all too excited to head out into the field to learn, teach... and solve a mystery or two.

Not all of the Kithain who spend time at the House of Scrolls are focused on academic pursuits. After all, there are matters of security, outreach, and attempts to modernize a place of knowledge. Funnily enough, the House of Scrolls often finds itself in disarray—Standish encourages research but is less diligent about categorizing and maintaining the knowledge he stores. It's not a hopeless task—cantrips help find things—but the easiest way to actually find anything is to consult Standish himself.

While Standish does not venture into politics often—perhaps strange, knowing that his freehold is located beneath the seat of Canadian federal power—there are rumours that he is privately quite a fierce Modernist. He still welcomes nobility into the House of Scrolls, but he does not suffer fools with Title lightly.

The House of Scrolls' Aspect is the pursuit and interpretation of research.