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The crew waits around for Feena's purchase, despite strong inclinations otherwise.

With Aingus Cevil captured, the Redshift Runner crew have tracked his credits to the seemingly barren ice planet Hoth. They have also stolen plans for a new Imperial ship.

With Capa and Cevil on board, and with the ship itself still developing its voice, the crew finds itself delayed in order to pick up fancy robes.

Any such delays could prove quite costly…

Feena is in the midst of convincing Rigel and Melba to keep the ship grounded for a day while holding onto their bounty just a short walk away from where they captured him. The vast uncertainties surrounding their circumstances lead to the crew breaking to do some more fact-finding before coming to a decision. Aingus Cevil gives away nothing to the crew's prodding, but he's not going anywhere soon, so they let him be for now. Everyone tries to get things to not be weird between Capa and Feena, a task not made any easier by Capa's off-beat mannerisms and difficulty with Basic.

A Firespray-class patrol ship piloted by a Zabrak woman lands next to the Redshift Runner. Melba immediately runs off to follow her. It seems that Nuvral is already quite aware of Melba's change in career, and quickly deduces that Melba is poaching her target. And then Nuvral makes an unexpected offer - to take care of the bounty and give Melba credit. Melba eagerly allows Nuvral to join in this bounty hunt, despite it being entirely against her own best interests. When the Redshift Runner's usual difficulties threaten to embarrass Melba in front of the person who inspired her career, she poses as the captain of the ship in an attempt to offset the awkwardness.

It turns out that the Redshift Runner is putting up a fight for reasons beyond its usual uncooperativeness. Its mysterious musings indicate an enmity and fear of this bounty hunter. Capa manages to get the ship cooperating enough for Nuvral to meet the rest of the crew. Nu is distinctly deferential to Feena's apparent high station. When Melba shows her Aingus held captive, she seems almost entirely uninterested, despite her previous involvement with the bounty. Rigel arrives, and he's extremely displeased with Melba's behavior, even waving his blaster around. Eventually, Nu agrees to host their little meeting on her Firespray, "The Good Citizen", leaving Capa to guard the Redshift Runner.

Once the crew is aboard the Good Citizen, in a twist, Nuvral reveals that she's capturing Rigel instead! She offers that he need not be restrained, and can even stay on the Redshift Runner, but he'll be in her sights until he makes a certain meeting that she will disclose no more information about. Melba counters that she needs to complete her bounty first. Nu agrees to stay on her own ship and follow as long as Melba keeps Rigel honest.

The crew returns to the Redshift Runner. Rigel is not thrilled with Melba getting him caught by a bounty hunter. Melba plans to help Rigel get away despite how sure she is that Nuvral is really good at her job. Rigel seems to be willing to forgive Melba for her transgression, but he's still concerned that the ship itself has a problem with Nuvral.

Feena picks up her tailored robes. She's managed to keep the rest of the crew from finding out what exactly she's been delaying them for. The Redshift Runner takes off and jumps into hyperspace bound for Takodana. Feena works Cevil a little more. Sadly, the ship falls out of hyperspace, seemingly all on its own. Rigel uncovers that this was no mechanical failure, but some manner of command issued to the ship's system. Rigel tries to calm the ship down about his imminent capture. The ship replies clearly, "Please, don't go."

"You are not the asset".