VII. The Captive

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The crew arrives on Takodana to deliver the first of two bounties.

The bounty hunter NUVRAL has successfully cornered Rigel Mereen! An arrangement with fellow bounty hunter Melba Gravlax has her accompanying the Redshift Runner in her ship, the Good Citizen, to Takodana, before delivering Rigel to a meeting with an unknown party.

As Melba delivers her first bounty, the shipbuilder Aingus Cevil, to Minerva, Feenam’ersu stays with Rigel under Nuvral’s watchful gaze…

On Takodana, Melba goes to deliver Aingus Cevil to his fate. Feena and Rigel stew under the watchful eyes of Nuvral. Rigel attempts to negotiate his planetside agenda with Nuvral, who seems rather disinterested. She's given up any pretense about her real target, the Redshift Runner. He looks for an information broker named Finx to sell the stolen ship plans from Corellia.

Rigel and Feena meet with Finx and his procurer, a buff Mon Calamari named Borma. While Rigel does his best to ply his wiles and flash to make a strong sale, he falls flat on his face thanks to his overeagerness. Feena's calm demeanor saves the negotiation, and while Finx demands a strong twenty-percent commission on the sale, the crew can be relatively certain that nobody will trace it back to them. Finx, after all, has a lot to lose if word ever gets out that he's not discreet, whether or not Rigel's attempts at concealing his identity made any difference.

With business concluded, the two of them decide to hunt down celebratory drinks. Unfortunately, the cantina music stops as soon as the two of them walk in, and as soon as Rigel speaks, almost all the customers erupt from their seats with blasters pulled. Feena tries to keep any shots from being fired, mostly because that would be massively counterproductive to getting drinks. As the opposing factions yell at each other, it seems like somebody swiped a payday from under somebody else's nose. The belligerents are not very appreciative of the Runners butting into their fight, but Feena eventually settles them down with the temptation of free drinks and the threat of things getting a lot worse if they decide to start blasting. Feena wins back her bar tab with some handy Sabaac skills, and the two of them depart.

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